check TWD: Week of Nightmares 2019 event 7

27 Jun 2019 15:00 - 15 Jul 2019 06:27 #95639 by DJ_Assface
Week of Nightmares 2019 Event 7
Wednesday, June 12 2019, 6 pm
23 players
Winning Deck "Silly Zillah's Deck"
played and designed by Kelly Schultz

Karen Suadela
Gabrielle di Righetti
Adana de Sforza
Josef von Bauren
Mistress Fanchon
Lutz von Hohenzollern
Dmitra Hyanova
Alonso Petrodon
Baron Dieudonne

4x into thin air
3x forgotten labyrinth
3x elder impersonation
2x veil the legions
3x voter captivation
2x freak drive
2x forced march
2x info highway

1x creepshow casino
1x monastary of shadows
2x dreams of the sphynx
16x zillahs valley
9x parthenon
10x villein

2x soul scan
2x scrounging
1x anarchist uprising
2x diversity
1x political stranglehold
1x learjet
1x ancient influence
1x disputed territory
3x kine resources contested
1x reins of power
4x banishment
11x parity shift

Jay Kristoff
V:EKN Prince of Columbus, Ohio USA
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