file TWD - New Blood Harvest - Palazzolo sull'Oglio (BS) - 22/09/2019

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New Blood Harvest
Palazzolo sull'Oglio (BS)
31 players
Carlo Daniele [3290015]

Deck Name: Twd New blood harvest

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=1 max=10 avg=5.)
3x Anarch Convert 1 -none- Caitiff:ANY
4x Nakhthorheb 10 OBF PRE SER Follower of Set:4
3x Porphyrion 9 for CHI OBF PRE SER Follower of Set:5
1x Belle Equitone 2 ser Follower of Set:4
1x Ahmose Chambers 3 obf ser Follower of Set:5

Library: 61 cards

Master (17 cards)
7x Eternals of Sirius, The
1x Giant's Blood
1x Monastery of Shadows
1x Opium Den
1x Powerbase: Montreal
1x Secure Haven
2x Villein
1x Wash
1x Coven, The
1x Dreams of the Sphinx

Action (16 cards)
2x Enticement
2x Entrancement
3x Intimidation
1x Legal Manipulations
5x Revelation of Ecstasy
2x Undue Influence
1x Dream World

Action Modifier (21 cards)
2x Elder Impersonation
2x Enkil Cog
2x Faceless Night
3x Into Thin Air
2x Lost in Crowds
5x Revelation of Desire
1x Spying Mission
3x Truth of a Thousand Lies
1x Cloak the Gathering

Action Modifier/Combat (2 cards)
1x Hide the Mind
1x Swallowed by the Night

Combat (3 cards)
2x Majesty
1x Staredown

Ally (1 cards)
1x Saatet-ta

Equipment (1 cards)
1x Mokolé Blood

Nice tournament with lots of new players. Where the overall quality of games and decks got somehow lowered by inexperience, it's great to see new players approach the game we all love the most!

Final Seating was:

Carlo Daniele - Nakhtohrheb Bleed
Cinzia Martinoni - Nocturn lasombra s&b
Manuel Segatori - Unnamed horde
Alessio Bianchi - Grinder Ventrue (Lodin)
Danilo Torrisi - Triple A Grand Ball

4vp and Game win for Carlo, and 1 vp for Cinzia

Italian National Coordinator

Lurking in the underground of Bologna, Italy
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08 Oct 2019 11:00 #97290 by drnlmza
The event is misnamed in the vekn event calendar, which made it easy to overlook -

Also, the results list the winner as "Daniele Carlo", but the report says "Carlo Daniele" - which is correct?

National Coordinator
South Africa

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