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16 Dec 2019 18:37 - 23 Jan 2020 15:37 #98266 by Hecatombe
Fee Stakes Sóller
Palma, Mallorca, Spain
November, 17th of 2019
Matías Tugores Tournament Winning Deck with 3 VPs in the finals:

Deck Name : Lasombra Nocturns
Author : Moises Ferrer Gallegos

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 3 max: 8 average: 5.66667

2x Onaedo 6 DOM OBT aus pot Lasombra:4
2x Ermenegildo, The R 5 DOM OBT pot Lasombra:4
1x Conrad Adoula 8 DOM OBT POT ani cel Lasombra:4
1x Henri Lavenant 7 DOM OBT pot qui Lasombra:3
1x Lord Vauxhall 7 DOM OBT POT THA Lasombra:4
1x Tobias Smith 7 DOM OBT PRE pot Lasombra:3
1x Andrew Emory 5 OBT aus dom pot bishop Lasombra:4
1x Banjoko 5 DOM obt pot Lasombra:3
1x Leila Monroe 4 dom obt pre Lasombra:4
1x Lucy Markowitz 3 dom obt Lasombra:4

Library [75 cards]

Action [14]
14x Govern the Unaligned

Action Modifier [26]
4x Blanket of Night
4x Bonding
6x Conditioning
2x Foreshadowing Destruction
6x Shadow Play
4x Shroud of Absence

Ally [10]
10x Nocturn

Event [2]
2x Unmasking, The

Master [11]
1x Coven, The
2x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Elysian Fields
1x Giant's Blood
1x Jake Washington (Hunter)
4x Path of Night, The
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion

Reaction [12]
6x Deflection
2x Delaying Tactics
4x On the Qui Vive

:baal: Little Baali studying to become a true Baali someday.
Prince of Palma,Mallorca, Spain.
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16 Dec 2019 21:08 #98269 by Kushiel

Hecatombe wrote: Deck Name : Lasombra Nocturns

14x Govern the Unaligned

10x Nocturn


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