file Submission: Fight Club

10 Feb 2019 17:27 #93394 by jblacey
Submission: Fight Club
Cardtype: Event
Cost: NA
Capacity: NA
Discipline: NA
Clan: NA

At the end of each combat if only one minion is ready, then the controller of that minion gains a pool. As a discard phase action, a Methuselah may shuffle a combat card from their ash pile into their library.

Art notes: A bloody vampire fight.

Quote: "..."

World of Darkness reference:

Way more common in the Dark Ages, but vampires had duels. Conflict was common. Obviously, this is also meant as a tongue in the cheek reference, but there is vampire cannon that fit this card... especially for Brujah.

How does this card address a compelling game need?:

Some times, players want to play combat. The problem is two-fold. 1) Combat is very card intensive and 2) There generally no default reward for "winning" at combat other than a setback for the loser and possibly triggered effects like Fame or Tension in the Ranks.

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