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01 Sep 2018 23:35 - 01 Sep 2018 23:39 #90354 by Oskuro
Hello to all. I'm an old Vtes player that want to rejoin the game, i left it long ago. I have seen that a new company is printing the game again and i need some help with what is good to get from the new cards. It's worthy to buy keepers of tradition, Heirs to the Blood or Lost Kindred reprints? I have a couple of not bad decks and some other card pool, but not many. Are there good cards to improve decks or just new mechanics? Is it possible that this company will print a base collection for people to start with the game?

I just need some help with how to start again, if lot of rules have changed, etc...

Sorry if this is not th correct place to ask this, is my first message...

Thanks in advance
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02 Sep 2018 00:24 #90355 by Klaital
I suppose it depends on what clans you play? Though KoT is considered to be one of the best sets ever, so if you are at all interested in camarilla clans, you might want to grab at least one of each of the bundles to get all the vampires. The other bundles are for bloodlines so if you play bloodlines then could be worth getting but otherwise likely not.

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02 Sep 2018 03:56 #90357 by David_Mac
Welcome back, Oskuro. Chiming in to let you know that print and play is legal in casual games (but not at tournament level), so you'll be able to track down resources to help you print if it's easier. I might also recommend tracking down Facebook groups if you're on that platform- there are many active groups there buzzing with info.

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02 Sep 2018 05:06 - 02 Sep 2018 05:07 #90359 by Snodig
The game is still essentially the same - not much has changed in the rules.
Look up the Rules Team Rulings (RTR) for info.
Reprints contain solid cards, but it depends on which sects or clans you already have in your collection.
Preconstructed starters will be coming, and Camarilla is likely first in line.
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02 Sep 2018 12:47 #90363 by ReverendRevolver
Many old cards are still staples:

Govern, deflection, freak drive, taste of vitae, 44 magnum, psyche, earth meld, magic of the Smith, ivory bow, carrion crows, parity shift, smiling jack, second trad, etc.

Some less new but still older cards are also very much essential:

Powerbase montreal, pentex subversion, direct Intervention, carlton vanwick, bowl of convergence, etc.

I'd need to know what you like to play and how far back you stopped acquiring cards to properly advise.

I love bloodlines, so LK was heavily anticipated for me. I was also into bloodlines when HttB came out, but I was more eager to scoop up precons than boosters initially, because they came with reprints I needed.

If you play 10+ caps, Enkil Cog is important. Auspex, Eyes of Argus is important. Animalism, Deep Song is important. Large vamps, villien is handy.

I personally am running out of Freak drives, eyes of Argus, and Deep songs all the time, and I like keeping decks together, so I'm anxiously awaiting further BC releases. If you're in Europe, the Anthology set is solid for getting important newer cards. If you're not in Europe, shipping is $30USD.
I'm going to say if you like certain things, buying 2 or a certain set is a good idea. If you like Malkavian stealthbleed but your deck isnt updated since BH came out, the KoT bundle with the malks and Touch Of Clarity is cool.

So, what do you like playing?
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02 Sep 2018 13:26 - 02 Sep 2018 13:31 #90367 by Oskuro
Thanks for your answers, i have more clear ideas now. I have a Setite bleed deck and a Tzimitze breath of dragon deck, both quite complete. I have as well Nosferatu vampires and cards and i would like to play a political nosferatu deck, and probably a Beast Nosferatu deck, but still missing some potence cards and some vampires. Probably i would buy both Kot decks. What about the Anthology deck, i though it was only released for European championship, is it possible to buy it now?

I will buy more things probably when preconstructed starters be realeased. Any other place to get cards now? Ebay? Any online shop?

I have another question. Is still possible to play with Jihad cards right? Is there a lot of errated cards? And, are this four expansion sets Danse Macabre, The Unaligned, Storyline Rewards 2015 and Anarchs Unbound legal to play with? Are gonna be realeased as real cards?

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