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20 Nov 2018 21:03 #91936 by beslin igor

VTES players what is best for you in online tournaments,i want to see you opinions to see about organizations online tournaments for next year(we also continue with league sistem every mounth):

1) all games in 1 day as last tournament played (2R+F)

2) saturday/sunday (3R+F) in saturday 2 rounds,first start 18h CET,2nd in 21H CET,in sunday 3rd round 18h finals in 21h

3) friday/saturday/sunday (2R+F) each night in 21h one game,final in sunday (we also can make deal because is friday weekly day to make 2 zones playing-american and europe,but in saturday and sunday all games start in same time

4) monday/tuesday/wendesday (2R+F) when be league pause each day one round+F,start in 21h CET

5) long tournament as we played before (3R+F),people chose his schedule when is free to play and organizers make calendar when games be played,this tournament can take 2-3 weeks

6) you maybe have some idea?

In this link you can translate hours in any zones,as CET time i use example Germany time

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20 Nov 2018 21:44 #91937 by lionel
I can't play online for the moment, but, if I could, it will be, one night per week (monday to thursday), one game, maybe two, and once a time to time for a tournament 2r+final on saturday or sunday.

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