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11 Aug 2011 23:39 - 11 Aug 2011 23:52 #7949 by Sydnelson
Last week I have updated LackeyCCG VtES Plugin to version 2.


* Finnaly we have correct card back to crypt card (press SHIFT over the card to see card back).

* Reworked all card images to high resolution. All cards now have 360x500px 300dpi (players can choose high or mediun card quality).

* Added Reasearh Area.

* Added anarchs and corruption tokens and some rules cards from Nights of Reckoning (click on others tab on top right corner of Game window to use tokens).

* Added all expansions sets boosters and old decks to packs draft simulation.

* Complete changelog:

To install new update just follow the tutorials in bellow link...


Fernando Cesar - Sydnelson
Prince of Rio de Janeiro

Fernando Cesar - Sydnelson
LackeyCCG and OCTGN VtES Mantainer

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Prince of Rio de Janeiro

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