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31 Dec 2017 10:53 #84676 by Ankha

self biased wrote:
Ankha, how is the latest version handling dual-type cards? I'm running an old version of the VCM because I couldn't get the newer one you sent me working. Also, I've got opinions about dual type cards.

I suppose you are talking about a different skin for dual-type cards? Currrently, there are none, but it is in my pipe of things to do.

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31 Dec 2017 15:51 #84679 by self biased
I'll email you my ideas. Luckily, it's not that huge of a problem for me to make the edits to the base cards before 'processing.'

With the trend towards listing the cardtype in text below the icon, it looks like the space could get a little cramped in some cards, especially with Reflex cards. Though, Reflex isn't actually a discreet cardtype either and doesn't get an icon on the bar or its own skin.

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06 Jan 2018 19:50 - 06 Jan 2018 19:51 #84787 by self biased
I was going to post the revised decks today, but discovered an error that I need to correct. they should be ready tomorrow.
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09 Jan 2018 03:02 - 09 Jan 2018 03:57 #84821 by self biased
Version 1.2 of the Demo Decks are now Live!
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13 Jan 2018 17:36 #84888 by Kraus
Sorry, @self biased, for kinda hi-jacking the thread, but since the wee links are here, I thought I'd just use this thread instead of pushing out another (for everyone looking for demo decks to be able to find all variants from one place).

So I did another set of demos with these today, and I keep being astounded by how much fun they are.

Main points for recap:

20 pool
Only strikes and presses for combat
Stealth/Intercept is binary
4 transfers for all to begin with

These are ideal for quick and dirty games which aim to be finished within 60 minutes or so. Any weirdness is cut out. These work great as fun teaching tools for transfers, actions, blocking and basic combat, but do consider some age and keywords (as many people understand those basic contexts of complexity).

I'm feeling that adding an extra variety of cards and politics and unconventional ousting methods (like votes) would benefits a kind of 'second level' of demoing, where people are already accustomed with the very basics of the flow of the game.

This is where Self's 'demo' decks would probably shine. 'Demo' as in I'd rather see their value as a second step towards personal deck building. :)

tl;dr Just tried out those said "con demo" decks today and got a reminder how well they work.

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16 Jan 2018 23:48 - 17 Jan 2018 07:53 #84936 by Kraus
When you do demos, people are quick to get invested in both aesthetics and story. When you demo VtES with proxies all you have is differently coloure sleeves, which don't invoke much artistic response. The glass beads (you'll probably use) are shiny and attract attention, as well as should the edge, but when waiting for their turn many people like to have something to attach themselves to the deck they are playing.

Alternatively people want to pick a deck quickly not from gameplay perspective, but based on pictures and fluff.

These pieces of text are meant to be printed so that players can read through them to either spend their time on other players' turns or to choose which kind of a deck they'll want to play. Preferrably you should include a picture of the vampries presented in the story. They attempt to include a few situations in the card arts.

I'd like to try and craft A4 pieces that look nice, have turn layouts presented, the card type symbols as well as the story part.

Have a blast, and please give some feedback.


His enemies knew where he was headed, of course. The plaza full of audience awaited. The ground work had done it’s job; their agenda was all around trash tabloids and web logs. The Nigerian night drew in quick as it always did. The mob was ready for them – Barth just needed to get to them.

Shasa texted him what their anonymous benefactor had instructed. The ambush awaited for him two miles to the south. They had promised him… ah, there it was, the sound of an explosion. The car bomb worked as a great diversion. The raven spies he spied in the air turned away, and police sirens filled the air.

With that out of the way, all he needed to do was take the long way round. He found no opposition. The stage was ready for him. He spied a glimpse of Shasa behind the stage, and they shared a quick grin. The crowd’s cheer was overwhelming as he stepped before them, flooded by frantic lines of propaganda the foolish kine recited – lines they had carefully crafted – but nothing overwhelmed Barth as much as his Presence overwhelmed the flock of sheep before him…


Robin Withers paid the brutes in cash. The mortals nodded with a grin and left. She shut the door, made sure both of the locks held, and turned to face the empty room. Well, empty except for the small desk, a solitary lamp as a source for light, a grey haired man in a well-kept suit, and a man tied to a chair with steel chain.

Edward Vignes pulled the hood from the bruised man’s head. He was well beat up, but as with kindred, they had to use extensive force. It wouldn’t kill him. He was already dead.

”So here you are. You probably know why. I have a job for you, and I think you should’ve taken my first offer”, Edward said.

”To hell with you”, the man replied, and spat blood on Edward’s suit.

”Such manners… Look, we will get you to work for us in a manner or another. Look at me”, Edward said. The man kept his eyes to the floor.

”LOOK AT ME!” Edward Commanded with a roaring voice not belonging to his stature, overwhelmingly otherworldly. He grabbed his captive’s jaw within his fist and forced their eyes to make contact. Slowly the defiance in the Ventrue’s captive’s eyes melted away, and only dullness remained.

”You WILL take the case with you, and leave it at the address within it. Then you WILL stay with it until the timer runs out. Only then WILL you have fulfilled your purpose. Understand?”

”Yes, master”, the man blurbed out with a slur, and a slight drool.

”The bomb will kill him. Oh, but you knew that, didn’t you? Mister Vignes, you are a MONSTER!” Robin said with a sly smile.

”Thank you miss Withers. Yes, yes I am”, Edward said.


The dog pack lead the way. The alleys a maze, rooftops pathways, moonlight as a beacon. He heard his avian pets caw directions on the night sky, their vigilant eyes prying for prey. They were promised a dinner tonight.

Their prey yet tried to escape their fate. Pentex had put a price on someone’s head, and Jayakumar had decided to collect it. Sure enough the target had stayed underground for months. A smart move. Not so smart taking the risk and sticking their head out.

The blood trail lead him to a back alley near the worst part of town. Carcasses of a few stray dogs decorated the corridor. His allies they had been. The kindred at the dead end turned around.

”Come on now. Turn yourself in, and we won’t have to do it the hard way”, Jayakumar whispered.

His prey had decided to answer not with words but pre-emptive action. His muscles flexed, Potence running through his veins, he leapt towards Jayakumar and slammed his fists to his chest. His dog pack howled as Jayakumar’s body took flight and crashed straight into the opposing wall, like hit with a cannon. The wall cracked and crumbled to cover his body. The male kindred panted and grinned victoriously – until the smile died on his face.

Jayakumar’s Fortitude laden body rose from underneath the debris, his colourful and flamboyant clothes a wreck. Still no wounds could be seen on his body, but rather a hint of a steely glimmer.

”Come on my pets. It is time for us to feed tonight”, he whispered just before a hundread wild hounds and carrion crows flocked his screaming target.


Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom. The bass pounded in their ears and flowed over their senses. The DJ preferred some old-school techno tonight. The Hungry Coyote was crowded. It all suited Virginie. She pushed through the dancing, exctatic crowd with grace, savoring the scent of sweat and sensing the pulsing blood of dancing bodies – simply put, food.

But work came first.

She found her way to the basement entrance, where a huge ghoul in sunglasses and a radio ear plug stopped her. He could’ve fooled any mortal in that place, but he was a ghoul. She said she was in to participate, and they waited for her. He took a long look at her slim, light-weight body and spoke a word or two into his radio. After she gave him the correct password the ghoul had no choice but to let her in.

The pulse of the bass faded out as she walked down the stairs, but soon melded into people shouting, even further down. Heh. She had seen some new film about a similar experience. What was the catch phrase again? First rule, no one speaks of the… Oh well. They’d speak of this for a long time to come.

Once she reached the kine and ghoul filled dungeon she was greeted with insults, laughter and cat calls. She greeted it all with a mockingly seductive step and a smile, and made her way through the crowd to the ring. Her opponent already stood there, a hulking pile of muscle, fists a tight grip with cloth dipped in glue and glass shrapnel wrapped around them. As she stepped inside the ring she was delighted to see in his eyes that he knew what had come for him. Fear.

The bell rang. His head popped off like a bottlecap. His hands left their sockets, popping like wish bones. His ribs gave in like a paper bag under her Potence. And the stunned silence around her filled her with lust and hunger like no other.


The other voice said that he should stop. That enough was enough. That two burning houses was enough. That the sirens in the distance were closing in, and that he really didn’t want to get caught in the middle of THIS scene. That the teenager was kinda right when she recited the ”please, I’ve done you no wrong, please, I’ve done you no wrong” mantra.

Then again the OTHER voice said that he should continue. That this was really not NEARLY far ENOUGH! That the whole block should probably burn. That the sirens weren’t even close enough for his liking – they should actually come closer faster. That the teenager… wait, actually, she WAS right. She HADN’T done anything wrong to him.

Well, didn’t matter now, did it? He swung the bloody baseball bat at the girl and her head gave in easy. The Colonel had said this place was ripe. He had been right. General Perfidio Dios took out a straw (he had it around) and knelt beside the bloody corpse. The blood was kind of easier to take in with a straw. Like a bottle of lemonade.

When the cops came rushing in, the THRID voice said that he should cave their skulls in. That these weaklings didn’t know command. That they lacked subordination skills. That their capped heads actually looked a lot like baseballs. That those kids should be taught a lesson about how WAR was done.

THAT was the voice General Dios preferred to listen to.

"Oh, to the Hades with the manners! He's a complete bastard, and calling him that insults bastards everywhere!"
-Nalia De-Arnise

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