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26 Feb 2018 13:59 #85427 by XZealot
Does an Incapacitated Imbued gaining life automatically leave the Incapacitated region (say from rejuvenate)? The rules state that an imbued leaving the incapacitated region gain a life, but do not say that an imbued in the incapacitated region gaining a life leave the incapacitated region.

5. Incapacitated
When an imbued has no life, he is placed in the incapacitated region (controlled but not ready). Effects which are not usable by an ally being burned are not usable by an imbued being incapacitated. Any minion may burn an incapacitated imbued and take his equipment as a (D) action. If that action is successful, then each ready imbued may burn 1 conviction to inflict 1 unpreventable damage on that acting minion. An imbued may leave the incapacitated region and gain a life (not to exceed his starting life) by burning 3 conviction during his unlock phase.
Note that an imbued gains a life (not to exceed his starting life) if he leaves the incapacitated region by any other effect, as well.

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26 Feb 2018 15:59 #85428 by kschaefer
No. The rule shows the default mechanism for leaving the incapacitated region. "[A]ny other effect" mentioned by the rule would have to clearly state that it moves the Imbued to the ready region.

Consider Regeneration or Movement of the Slow Body, which gives blood to vampires via actions, or Palatial Estate, which will continually give a vampire blood. Such effects do not explicitly state that the vampire leaves torpor, so they do not. In the same way gaining life on an Imbued does not automatically cause it to leave the incapacitated region.

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