file Maris Streck giving intercept to another Methuselah's vampire, vs. sequencing...

14 May 2018 21:36 #86904 by Bloodartist

kschaefer wrote: B's "no block" is really, I do not gain any more intercept. There is no way to stop a vampire's block attempt without succeeding or failing. B's declaration is inaccurate, but often sufficient because most tables lack WMRH, Maris Streck, etc. In such cases, the player C can simply give the minion the intercept regardless of what B chooses. The evaluation for the success or failure of the block occurs when all Methuselah's pass the impulse. In the case above, C has not passed the impulse, in fact quite the opposite because he activates Maris Streck's special.

What I tried to get at with my earlier post was: What if bleed is at default +1 stealth, so B doesn't even attempt to block since he/she can't muster the intercept? In these cases C has to be vocal about giving intercept.

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