question-circle "As announced" modifiers and DI "as played" sequencing

20 Apr 2018 12:15 - 20 Apr 2018 12:21 #86268 by PetriWessman
Hi, a question came up in last night's pub game that we weren't quite 100% sure about. It has to do with the handling of action modifiers that specify "play as action is announced" (or words to that effect) interacting with "as played" cards like DI.

Player A played Renegade Garou + Beast Meld (sup) as the same time, as is typical in casual games even though they *should* be played separately. Player B wanted to play DI on the Garou -- and of course we allowed that, since playing the two cards at the same time is "speed play" and there needs to be window for DI on the Garou. The Beast Meld went back into his hand.

BUT, after the game we started wondering what the proper sequence should have been. This doesn't matter for the game in question, but it's good to have a full understanding of the exact sequencing here.

Is the following a correct interpretation of how it should go according to strict reading of current rules?

1) Player A plays Garou
2) Other players have option to play DI (or use similar effect)
3) Player A replaces Garou card. Window for playing DI closes.
4) Player A plays Beast Meld at superior (which may be the new card they just received)
5) Other players have option to play DI on Beast Meld, but no longer on Garou
6) Player A replaces Beast Meld. Window for playing DI closes.

Beast Meld superior:

"Only usable when the acting vampire's action is announced. Not usable on a bleed action. Vampires cannot block this action."
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20 Apr 2018 12:38 - 20 Apr 2018 12:39 #86269 by TwoRazorReign
What you interpret appears to be correct. See below from this thread :

Here's a list of steps we go through when playing an action card:
Play the action card and declare terms (if any). ("play" means "move the card from your hand to the limbo").
"as played" window. Players get the opportunity to use "as played" cards. (Nota: except from "as played" cards, Wake-likes can be played in this window, as they allow "as played" cards to be played - Rulebook 1.6.1 ). If the action is canceled, do not continue (but replace the action card). Note that cards are NOT replaced in this window.
Tap the acting minion and replace the action card. This means he isn't tapped if the action card was DI'd.
Play Approximation of Loyalty [inf], announce targets.
"As played" window for Approximation of Loyalty.
Pay for the action modifier.
Replace Approximation of Loyalty
if Approximation of Loyalty wasn't canceled, it's effect triggers.
Rinse and repeat 4-8 for each "as announced" action modifier you have.
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