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29 Jun 2018 21:03 #88465 by mjvtes521
If someone controls a vamp with superior Spirit Claws on them, can they have vamps they control play other copies of Spirit Claws at inferior (pro or pro + spi)? I think yes, since I'm pretty sure that action mods, combat cards, and reactions cards are technically played straight to the ash heap, so they never come into play, so they would not contest. But I'd like to hear a ruling from Ankha or another relevant ruling made previously. Thanks.

Spirit Claws

Protean & Spiritus

[1 Blood]

[pro] [COMBAT] For the remainder of this round, damage from this vampire's hand strikes is aggravated.
[pro] [spi] [COMBAT] Maneuver and as [pro] above.
[PRO] [SPI] [ACTION] +1 stealth action. Unique. Put this card on this vampire. Damage from this vampire's hand strikes is aggravated.

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29 Jun 2018 22:01 #88466 by Ankha
Replied by Ankha on topic Question about Spirit Claws

"Some of the cards in the game represent unique resources, such as specific locations, equipment or people. These cards will be identified as "unique" in their card text. In addition, all crypt cards represent unique minions. If more than one unique card with the same name is brought into play, that means control of the card is being contested.[...]
Be careful about putting duplicates of the same unique cards in your deck. You can't control more than one of the same unique card at a time, and you cannot contest cards with yourself "

Spirit Claws at [pro] and [pro][spi] are not put into play, so they wouldn't contest. You can play them in your scenario.

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