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19 Jul 2018 09:12 #89019 by Ratadin
We had a similar discusion earlier, but I still didn't understood exactly what are de differences, or implications, of burning pool, paying pool and losing pool, and yesterday we discussed in our group and we cannot come into an agreement.

On the rulebook, most instances of "decreasing" pool are specified by the word burn, both on bleed and on paying. On the other hand, lose is used only on the withdrawal section.

Now, the main conflict in our group comes that, while a part understand that losing pool happens whenever your pool ammount is reduced, the other understand the word losing with a negative connotation, in the sense that you would lose pool if burned forcefully through an enemy effect or a penalty, but not through payments or while transfering to your uncontrolled region.

All these could be specified through 2 specific, rule related questions:
1º If I control 3 Warghouls and my prey play a Kindred Segregation, if I repay all 3 warghouls (paying 9 pool), could I play Poison Pill to make my prey burn 9 pool?

2º If I start a withdrawal, would playing a .44 Magnun (paying 2 pool) make my withdrawal unsuccessfull?

Kindred Segregation
Successful referendum means that all allies are burned. Any Methuselah can keep an ally or allies he or she controls by repaying their pool cost to recruit.

Poison Pill
Only usable during a referendum, before votes and ballots are cast. If the referendum passes and the effect of the referendum causes you to lose pool, the controller of the acting vampire loses the same amount of pool (in addition to the effects of the referendum).

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19 Jul 2018 15:18 #89046 by Ankha
If your pool total has decreased, then you have lost pool (even if you regain that much amount later).
So, when you burn pool, you lose pool. And when you pay pool, you lose pool.

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