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During our recent weekly game there was some confusion about how life boon actually works (none of us had played life boon before apparently). I personally find the wording to be unclear.

When you play life boon, can you give methuselah pool in such a way that the target player ends up at more than 1 pool after they take the hit?

Life Boon
Give pool to a Methuselah with no pool to keep him or her in the game; put this card in play. During each of his or her untap phases, you can collect 1 pool from that Methuselah. The first victory point that the Methuselah wins is given to you (unless you are ousted by then). This Life Boon is then burned.

The issue I have: The card is explicit in that you must give pool, but doesn't specify how much you can give. It says "to keep him or her in the game". The minimum amount to keep a person in the game is such that they remain at 1 pool. For example: player is at 1 pool and is being targeted by kine resources contested with 3 damage allocated. To keep them in the game you must give them 3 pool, but can you give them more than that?

Any extra past the point where they remain at 1 pool is not necessary to keep them in the game, it is extra. But the card orders you to give pool to keep them in the game. The card does not say "any amount". Its pretty specific but at the same time unclear.

ps. One person thought you only give 1 pool, but that was quickly ruled out (it doesn't say "A pool").
pps. After spending maybe a hour searching the rulings and using the search feature on the rules forum I could not find the answer, so I made this post.

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17 Sep 2018 07:01 #90635 by Timo
Replied by Timo on topic Life Boon
You can give any amount of pool (even ousting you) as long as the target stay alive

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