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06 Oct 2018 19:04 #91007 by Klaital
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Hello, this is an argument that just came up in a game. Anach Convert gets blocked by Abiku with the Blood Shield, neither plays any cards, both strike h1, Abiku prevents with blood shield, the other player is claiming that convert takes the damage from the hand strike first before burning the 2 blood from blood shield, thus staying ready at 0 blood, wheras I am pretty sure the blood burning which is triggered from preventing damage with the shield happens first, as you obviously can't resolve damage before damage prevention step. So which one is correct?

Blood shield
The minion with this equipment may prevent 1 damage each round from opposing minions strikes. If used to prevent damage from a hand strike made by a vampire with capacity six or less, that vampire burns 2 blood.

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06 Oct 2018 20:13 #91010 by kschaefer
Replied by kschaefer on topic Blood Shield timing
LSJ answered this.

In short, the burning of blood occurs when the Blood Shield is used, which is during the prevent damage step, which is before the heal damage step.

So, Convert should be in torpor.

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