file Sudario Refraction with Empty Library and Below Hand Size

13 Oct 2018 16:25 #91174 by Killiam
Let's start with the card text first:

Sudario Refraction
+1 stealth action.
Choose three library cards in your ash heap by name and move them to the top of your library, then discard 3 cards at random (and draw up afterward).

Imagine that you have emptied your library and the only card remaining in your hand is Sudario Refraction. You play it and the action is successful.

How many cards end up in your hand after everything resolves?

At first I assumed the answer was three, but now I am not sure. The thing is, being below hand size creates a vacuum that might trigger as soon as cards hit the top of your library. What I am unsure about is whether or not the entire card effect resolves before you have to draw to appease that vacuum. There are two ways I can see it playing out:

1. You move 3 cards to the top of your library. Then you would discard 3 cards randomly, but having no cards in hand, there is no further effect from the card. Then you draw up since you are below hand size, and end up with 3 cards in hand.

2. You move 3 cards to the top of your library, immediately putting them into your hand since you are below hand size. Then you discard 3 cards from second effect of the card, ending up with no cards in hand.

Which scenario is accurate? If neither is accurate, then what is the correct scenario?

If it turns out that you are not allowed to play Sudario (or it fizzles) if you don't already have 3 more cards in your hand as targets of the discard effect, then instead imagine that you had 4 cards in hand (1 of which was Sudario) before playing the Sudario. Do you end up discarding the other 3 you had in hand, or do you have to draw up first and risk the chance of losing the cards you just named and put on your library?

Thanks much!

(Bill Troxel)
"How did some slip of a girly boy from communist East Berlin become the internationally ignored song stylist barely standing before you?" -Hedwig Robinson

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13 Oct 2018 20:21 #91176 by kschaefer
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