file Warsaw Station vs Diablerie

07 Nov 2018 07:57 #91706 by the1andonlime
- Minion A attempts to leave torpor
- Minion B attempts to block with 1i
- A uses Warsaw Station to move to the ready region

1. Is the block still successful, or does the action fizzle and end?
2. If the block is successful, can B diablerize the now ready A

Name: Warsaw Station
[KoT:R/A1, HttB:PSam]
Cardtype: Master
Clan: Nosferatu
Cost: 2 pool
Unique location.
You can lock this card as a Nosferatu announces an undirected action; if that action is successful, unlock the acting Nosferatu. You can burn this card (even if it is locked) to move a Nosferatu in torpor to the ready region.
Artist: Peter Bergting

Nathaneal (Y.Y.)
Inceptor Asian Continental Championship

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07 Nov 2018 09:31 - 07 Nov 2018 09:37 #91708 by Ankha
Replied by Ankha on topic Warsaw Station vs Diablerie

LSJ wrote: The (ready-minion-requiring) action continually checks the acting minion's readiness. If that check ever fails, the action fizzles.
A torporous-vampire-requiring action would fizzle when the actor is not torporous
just as a ready-minion-requiring action would fizzle when the actor is not ready.

The leave torpor action requires a vampire in torpor, so the action fizzles as soon as the vampire is no longer in torpor, and the blocking minion does not have the opportunity to diablerize if you use the Warsaw Station before the block resolution.

I have added this ruling to the General Rulings page.

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