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05 Jun 2019 17:30 #95230 by Robba Yaga
Does Field Training give Ian Forrestal superior in a Discipline he does not list on his card? In other words, does it work like a Master Discipline card without being a Master Discipline card?


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05 Jun 2019 17:56 #95231 by Timo
Replied by Timo on topic Field Training + Ian Forrestal
This kind of question are better answered with the card text of the relevant cards.

+1 stealth action. Requires an anarch.Unlock this vampire, choose a Discipline they have at superior, and put this card on another ready non-titled vampire you control. The attached vampire is considered Anarch and gets +1 level of the chosen Discipline. If the attached vampire changes sect, burn this card. A vampire can have only one Field Training.

Sabbat: Ian may play cards that require a Discipline as though he has the basic level of that Discipline. Each Master: Discipline card placed on him gives him the superior level of that Discipline.

So, nothing say on Field training that it is a master discipline card and nothing say on Ian Forrestal that it does anything special with field training.

And the answer is no, Ian Forrestal will not gain an additional of a discipline with field training.
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