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Is ghoul mortal? was created by kombainas
Would like a ruling to refer to. Ankha hint hint

Gameplay situation:
Sunset strip interaction with Procurer

Name: Sunset Strip, Hollywood
Cardtype: Master
Cost: 1 pool
Master: unique location.
Lock to give all vampires +1 stealth on hunt actions until your next unlock phase. Lock to reduce the cost to recruit a mortal ally or employ a mortal retainer by 1 blood or pool (but never less than 0 blood or pool).

Cost: 2 blood
Ghoul with 1 life. 1 strength, 0 bleed.
Procurer may move 1 blood from the blood bank to a ready vampire you control as a +2 stealth action.

Possible rulings:
a) Ghouls are mortal
Basis: Rulebook --> World of Darkness Glossary

Ghoul: A mortal who drinks the blood of a vampire but has not been drained beforehand.

b) Ghouls are not mortal
Basis: Leech, Ghouled treating ghouls either explicitly implying being non-mortal, or making explicitly non-mortal ghoul

Requires a ready mortal, ghoul, or mage.
(D) Steal a blood (it becomes a life) from a vampire controlled by another Methuselah and unlock this ally. Burn any conviction [1 CONVICTION] cards on this ally. This ally may play cards requiring Potence [pot] as a vampire until his or her next unlock phase.

Action Modifier
Cost: 1 blood
Only usable when the action to recruit a mortal ally is announced.
If this action is successful, put this card on that ally and add 1 additional life to the ally from the blood bank. This ally is considered a ghoul and not a mortal. Once each combat, this ally can play a strike card that requires basic Potence [pot] as a vampire.

Which is it?

If a), suggest adding a ruling
If b), suggest rewording glossary avoiding game term, or adding overriding one, like monster, or something like "Formerly mortal..."

!malk! :OBF: :DEM: :cel: :cap6: Sabbat. If this vampire's bleed is successful, he laughs manicly and untaps.

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03 Feb 2020 09:25 #98872 by Ankha
Replied by Ankha on topic Is ghoul mortal?
Mortal is a trait.

A ghoul is not a mortal, it is a ghoul.
An animal is not a mortal, it is an animal.

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