file Cutting the Deck with Unity (Imbued master)

03 Nov 2020 00:33 #101046 by Killiam
When you use Unity, you have an opportunity to cut your library once.

Questions: Must this cut be somehow randomized? Can it be made to the exact, deliberate specification of the Methuselah using the card?

For example, let's say I pay the pool and lock Unity, and place a Power on my library and then another copy of Unity on top of that (both from the ash heap, of course)? May I then "cut" the deck by moving only the very top card to the bottom of the library, knowing that I am moving the duplicate Unity to the bottom? Is this allowed?

Similarly, if I know what the bottom few cards of my library are thanks to the Heart of Nizchetus, may I deliberately "cut" the deck so as to bring just the bottom 1 or 2 cards to the top? If so, is it kosher/good sportsmanship if I count out an exact number of cards from the bottom before cutting to that point? Imagine for instance that I count out exactly 15 cards that are on the bottom and move them to the top. Cool?

Really, this comes down to how we define a cut, and whether or not it implies an element of randomness.

Thanks much,
-Bill Troxel

Name: Unity
Cardtype: Master
Creed: Visionary
Master: unique hunter-list.
Lock this card and burn 1 pool to move two cards that require an imbued (or a creed or a virtue) from your ash heap to the top of your library. You may then cut your library once.
Artist: Becky Jollensten

(Bill Troxel)
"How did some slip of a girly boy from communist East Berlin become the internationally ignored song stylist barely standing before you?" -Hedwig Robinson

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03 Nov 2020 03:06 #101047 by kschaefer
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