file Why was this topic locked?

28 Aug 2012 07:23 - 28 Aug 2012 07:31 #35441 by mirddes
Replied by mirddes on topic Why was this topic locked?

have a great day.

it seems issues have been taken with my unique graspe of ENGLISH.

english is a dynamic, fluid, living language.

i try to get my points across, i cite appropriate texts.

this is all done in the interest of learning. i am satisfied when i understand a particular topic.

Feel free to moderate, i dont mind the locked thread; seems appropriate.
Please never censor me or anyone however; if i see my threads vanish, I BE EPIC SADFACE!!!

please have a great day.



i greatly appreciate Ankha's renaming of the topic in question; i would not have thought to do so. the new title is very clear and concise :D
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