Hello fellow Methuselahs,

With great help from Vincent Ripoll, the version 1.4 of our beloved Archon file is now available.

You will find it here: www.vekn.net/index.php/downloads

The Archon 1.4 includes:
- bug fix for the number of Rating Points awarded to the winner of an event who didn't get a GW in the finals (he was missing 8 points)
- bug fix for the number of rounds in which a player has played
- bug fix for the number of Rating Points a finalist gets (the formula wasn't properly applied to all rows of the Methuselah sheet)

but it also includes:
- 2R+F seating chart, supported in the Rounds sheets (currently available for 20 or less players)

I will spend some of my week-end working on adding more lines for a support of 2R+F of attendance of more than 20 people.

Many thanks to David Tatu and Kevin Mergen for working on the seating chart.
They respected the seating rules that were established previously.


The Archon 1.4