file TWD + Report: Finnish ECQ (Ropecon 2012)

03 Sep 2012 15:30 - 03 Sep 2012 15:31 #35843 by PetriWessman

Ankha wrote: Relative time since the start of the game would be easier to understand. :)

True enough. Well, I guess people will be able to puzzle it out anyway ;)
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03 Sep 2012 16:23 #35847 by Suoli

Ankha wrote: How did Otso know the first vote called was for him, not Aleksi's predator (because when you play DoC and you have an Inner Circle bleeding, you usually try to backoust him before he gets you)? Was there any kind of deal?

Back ousting was not an option for me as I would have only traded Arika for Lutz. Against Arika I could at least get the Protected Resources back but I would have had very little chance against Lutz as my predator. Even if back ousting was an option, I knew that the longer I would wait to go forward the harder it would become, with Otso cycling into more 2nd Trads and influencing princes every turn.

In hindsight, it might have been better to call that first KRC backwards in order to cycle into Virtuosas or stealth locations using Yseult's special. But, considering that I had a Force of Personality in hand, Otso hadn't had a good chance to cycle cards yet and Anson wasn't there to clear out masters, I figured it was worth the risk to either do pool damage or take out a 2nd Trad. As it turned out, Infernal Pursuit was a pretty good card, Yseult ended up in torpor and my game was pretty much over.

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03 Sep 2012 16:28 #35850 by Suoli

Otso wrote: Aleksi sort of ended up between rock and a hard place, but kudos to him for getting to the finals with daughters.

Cheers. I was just happy to be sitting in the finals, daughters or no daughters.

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04 Sep 2012 17:15 - 04 Sep 2012 17:16 #35943 by Lönkka
Appropos, as mentioned before tournament, we were some 96 euros short of the money used for the qualifier shirts. So we asked volunteers to pitch in by purchasing some VTES pins for the sum they thought fitting.

Thanks to the generous players (I think I saw some people handing out fivers) we got 108 euros so I didn't have to take the needed money solely from my own wallet. The difference went to purchase some boosters for Saturday's draft's prizes.

Once again guys (and gals), thanks for being so understanding and helpful!

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NC, Finland
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