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kschaefer wrote: That just seems like too many options for one card. Celerity is already the best discipline for managing combats, it doesn't need a single card that can do all of those things.

I disagree that it gives too many options for one card. Look at Resist Earth's Grasp: It has maneuver and/or press at cel and stealth at CEL. Granted, it has the all too common blood cost, which makes celerity hard to capitalize on, but it gives combat or an action modifier (stealth).

What I proposed is combat/combat, and both abilities are available at the same level of the discipline, let alone more "efficient" options like Stutter-Step (dodge and hand strike) or well-rounded ones like Sideslip (dodge or prevent one). Dodge at CEL is below par, and maneuver or press at basic is on par with Flash.

As for the name, celerity is used in theVtM for both speed and endurance (i.e. run fast for long distances, fight for long periods and be tricky), so Grit is not too off the mark. I appreciate the card text/name suggestions.

Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one.
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I would turn it around and get both maneuver and press at superior.

:cel: Strike: dodge
:CEL: Maneuver and/or press.

This way Flash would still have a niche at inferior.

Though I don't think cel/gun decks really need more help at this time.

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