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jamesatzephyr wrote: I'm fine with a vampire having decent blood gain options - and of course a voting deck has options around Voter Cap - but when it doesn't have to lift a finger to do it, it's much less interesting from a design perspective. There isn't an action you can block, or a referendum you can fail/Delay, or a combat you can derail etc. Even if Intisar goes to torpor, blood still comes running. It just gets quite a lot of blood, quite a lot of the time, because expecting everyone else on the table to stop bleeding is fairly unrealistic.

It could at least be made so that it only works if Intisar is ready (or locked). I don't think this vampire would be too strong though, as moving blood from a vampire to pool is non-trivial.

If Intisar had good intercept disciplines, it might be too strong, since easy bloodgain on a wall vampire is strong (Goratrix). However, she doesn't. As is Intisar would be similar to Unnamed, who bleeds well and bloats a lot. Its playable as a deck, but not too strong.

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