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Thin Blood
group 6
No discipline, cap 1
independant. non unique. If the thin blood commits diablerie, its clan and sect changes to the diablerized vampire clan and sect.

Wod reference: many, from first book of the masquerade to last v5 edition. all describes the rise of the thin blood, weak vampire without (or almost without) disciplines.
they are unable to sire (that s why i put cap 1) as long they do not commit diablerie.
they are said to become the clan that their victim if they commit diablerie.

Use in Vtes: g6 has no cap1 vampire for the moment, sometimes people may want to fill a space in their crypt with something else than new blood or anarch convert (both are unique by the way).
their special ability is limited. it would be hard to build around it but it can spare pool on occasions:
- diablerizing an anarch while an anarch revolt is in play
- diablerizing a vampire whose controler play con boon (ok not sure the caitiff will survive the blood hunt)
- been able to play after a diablerie conflict of interest... or clan loyalty...
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16 Mar 2020 11:37 #99336 by Palamedes
Replied by Palamedes on topic Thin Blood
There is a reason why 1 cap vampires are not non unique. Because:

30x Thin Blood

6x Informatin Highway
4x Dreams of the Sphinx
8x Effective Management
40x Computer Hacking
12x Leverage

Other than that Thin Blood is ok and cool.
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