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02 Oct 2018 18:23 #90916 by ReverendRevolver
Howd table 3 go, exactly? Khurshid ended up being too beefy for Ghede? Sucks for the 1 noncombat drck at the table...

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02 Oct 2018 22:49 #90925 by angrynewb
Apparently i got the seatings wrong on this one, i corrected it just now.
Cant tell you too much about the game, because i was playing on the other table and couldnt watch it.

What i know from talking to the Chaundice player:
The Weenie Bleed & Vote deck got sandwiched by Ghede and Chaundice, while the Legionnaire player was more or less left alone building his army. Ghede ousted the Weenie Bleed & Vote, and eventually run into Chaundice.
With Legionnaire beeing the laughing 3rd i guess ;-)

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03 Oct 2018 00:11 #90927 by angrynewb
We are happy to welcome our first Australian player Bert Perry 'LaTigra' to the American World Championship League !

Special shoutout to Ke Carlton, New Zealand for showing his prowess in live tournament play, winning the Day 1 event, and making the finals on Day 2 at the Australian Championships 2018. Congrats !

The meta in the American League was quiet evenly distributed:
Bleed (3) Combat (3) Vote (3) Toolbox (2) Block (1)

Results American World Championship League Week 5:

America Table1:
Bill Troxel 'Killiam' Emerald Legionnaire Bleed 1GW 3VP
Daniel Galvan 'QuimicoDan' Weenie Protean & Abombwe Toolbox 0VP
Mark Jasper 'mjvtes521' Samedi Combat 1VP
Christofer J. Malec 'selfbiased' Hazimel Toolbox 0VP

America Table2:
Bert Perry 'LaTigra' Lutz & Friends Bleed & Vote 0VP
Adam Hulse 'Erewego' Ishtarri Combat 0VP
Angel Ortiz 'Blank_Name 2.0' Follower of Set Bleed 1GW 3VP
Jeff Haar 'ohai' Celerity Combat 1VP

America Table3:
Daniel S. de Almeida 'Daniel S.Almeida' Nosferatu Royality Vote 0VP
Karl Schaefer 'kschaefer' Death Star Vote 1GW 3VP
Sam Alsaadi 'Faebinder' Tzimisce Block 0VP
Corwin Brindley 'DJHedgehog' Nakhthorheb Bleed 1VP

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08 Oct 2018 23:59 - 09 Oct 2018 08:07 #91054 by angrynewb
Martin Schumacher 'Chromeboy' proved again to be one of our best Deckbuilders.
After his infamous 'Black Jack' invention, he obliterated the opposition with a Turbo Legionnaire Deck today!

Special Shoutout to Bram Van Stappen 'Gotcha', who is holding an inhuman Win Percentage in Online play (56%) Winning 9 out of his 16 Games played !

If you think yourself a good player, you should go Online and try to compete with them ;-)

Results European World Championship League Week 6:

Europe Table1:
Nicolas Guglielmi 'Gouly', France Dementation Bleed 1VP
Erik Mossberg 'beppolito', Sweden Dmitra&Friends Vote 0VP
Martin Schumacher 'Chromeboy', Germany Legionnaire Bleed 1GW 4VP
Angelo Alvisi 'Ajikozau', Italy Ravnos Bleed 0VP
Antti Penttilä "Dada', Finland Anarch Gargoyle Toolbox 0VP

Europe Table2:
Marius Iscru 'Pooldor', France Ravnos Block 0VP
Michal Kazmierczak 'migalart', Poland Legionnaire Bleed 1VP
Serge Cirri 'Orpheus', France Dem&Obf Bleed 1VP
Nano Carbonero Roman 'Tazoka', Spain Nakhthorheb Bleed 0VP
Juha Laukkanen 'Bloodartist', Finland Obf&Dom Bleed 1GW 3VP

Europe Table3:
Laurent Ribeyre 'Lestat', France Unnamed Bleed 0VP
Martin Weinmayer 'angrynewb', Austria Nephandus Combat 1GW 4VP
Igor Beslin 'Beslin Igor', Serbia Inner Circle Vote 0VP
Robert Scythe 'Robert Scythe', USA Presence Bleed 1st 1VP
Sándor Vicha 'SZU (HUN)', Hungary Gargoyle Toolbox 0VP

Europe Table4:
Anton Dudko 'Anton Dudko', Belarus 419 Toolbox 0VP
Lauri Salmi 'Cerion', Finland Ventrue Toolbox 1st 1VP
Kristofer Akesson 'Kris', Sweden Harbinger Toolbox 0VP
Bram van Stappen 'Gotcha', Belgium 419 Block 1GW 3VP

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09 Oct 2018 05:23 #91058 by angrynewb
Grats to Corwin Brindley 'DJHedgehog', for his first Gamewin in the League.

This Weeks Meta sported:
Bleed (5) Combat (3) Vote (3) Toolbox (2)

Results American World Championship League Week 6:

America Table1:

Fernando Carvalho 'Fernando Carvalho', Brazil !Salubri Combat 1.5VP
Daniel Monteiro 'Daniel "The Joker"', Brazil Follower of Seth Bleed 0VP
Brandon Haas 'Brandon Haas', USA !Salubri Toolbox 1.5VP
Bill Troxel 'Killiam', USA Dem/Ani Bleed 0VP

America Table2:
Mark Jasper 'mjvtes521', USA !Salubri Toolbox 0VP
Edgar E. Marin 'Tagek42', Mexico Weenie Bleed 1.5VP
Jeff Haar 'ohai', USA Enkidu Combat 0VP
Daniel Galvan 'QuimicoDan', Dominican Republic Presence Vote 1.5VP
Ke Carlton 'Ke', New Zealand Dem/Obf Bleed 1st 1VP

America Table3:
Fabiano Galvao 'Fabiano Br Am....', Brazil Nephandus Combat 0VP
Corwin Brindley 'DJHedgehog', USA Dementation Bleed 1GW 4VP
Karl Schaefer 'kschaefer', USA AAA Grandball Vote 0VP
Angel Ortiz 'Blank_Name 2.0', USA Ahrimane Vote 0VP

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16 Oct 2018 01:00 - 21 Oct 2018 21:34 #91203 by angrynewb
Results European World Championship League Week 7:

Congratulations to Michal Kazmierczak 'migalart', Poland scoring his second Gamewin in his third Game and taking over the Lead in the Europe League!

After last weeks heavy Bleed the Meta shifted towards Block:
Block (5) Combat (3) Bleed (3) Vote (2) Toolbox (1)

Europe Table1: (Game finished after beeing postboned)
Reginaldo Oliveira Jr. 'Reginaldo Jr.', Brazil Weenie Presence Vote 1VP
Lauri Salmi 'Cerion', Finland Animalism Combat 0VP
Serge Cirri 'Orpheus', France Weenie Auspex Block 0VP
Martin Weinmayer 'angrynewb', Austria Nana Buruku Combat 2VP
Eduard Winter 'Ed1234', Austria Shemti Bleed 2VP

Europe Table2:
Nicolas Guglielmi 'Gouly', France Cybele Bleed 0.5VP
Nano Carbonero Roman 'Tazoka', Spain Anneke Block 1.5VP
Teemu Pulkkinen 'Teryn', Finland Arika Vote 0VP
'izi', Poland Gargoyle Block 0.5VP

Europe Table3:
Sándor Vicha 'SZU (HUN)', Hungary Gargoyle Block 0VP
Erik Mossberg 'beppolito', Sweden 3rd BigCap Presence Bleed 1VP
Marius Iscru 'Pooldor', France !Ventrue Stickman Toolbox 0VP
Michal Kazmierczak 'migalart', Poland !Salubri Block 1GW 4VP
Antti Penttilä "Dada', Finland Animalism Combat 0VP

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