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28 Feb 2011 09:32 #1949 by pcmichke
What a dispute !

The purpose of my question was indeed to speed up the control of the text by using some of post-it like things to put the errated text from the white wolf site on the card without altering the card itself.

The main argument I read against this was the confidence the judge can have in this text. It can be true that a player could use an incorrect text on it. And it can be an issue. But isn't using an older text without correction the same issue ?

So the main issue could be: the confidence in player.

The other agument was the effect it has on shuffling and information leakage. As I mentioned it on the first post, my intention was to replace the text box by a piece of paper of the same size on the same position. A post-it for instance is a possibility. In this case and since the cards are sleeved, it exclude the information leakage and has no effect on shuffling.That problem can thus be avoided.

So it seems that it could be accepted or not depending on the judge meaning about this....

The other alternative is to use an index. But that means that the other players (or at least one of them) must know that the card is errated, react on it when played and know what the correct text is. And we come again on the first issue : the confidence in the player.

Looking in an index or call the judge can take some time. And if a Methuselah is playing only older cards (say Jyhad ones) it could be much time consuming.

The absolute solution should be then to know the correct text. Of course ! But if you exchange a card with somebody else after casual play or buy it on the inernet, you have to know the correct text of it.And it can lead to know ALL the errata's of ALL the cards ! And in tournament say to the other players what the correct text is. And the other players have to trust you ! Back again on the first issue !

So on one hand we have to trust somebody with every cheating possibility it can bring with it, and on the other hand we have an absolute but much time consuming solution, the index or call to the judge.

But after all this it seems that no consesual answer on my question simply exists.

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28 Feb 2011 16:45 - 28 Feb 2011 16:46 #1959 by Joscha
Replied by Joscha on topic Errata's on tournament cards
I don't know. I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of players would be thankful because of your post-its. So just do it. The guys just mentioned your note should not be noticeable from the backside of the card and that you want to make sure by sticking it. So AFAIS nobody here has a problem with it.

Go confide! :laugh:

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28 Feb 2011 22:06 #1973 by Juggernaut1981
In my own opinion:
If you're going to make the post-its, you might as well make a simple index card (just some card about the size of a playing card) with the correct text on it. Then if people ask what the card-text is, you can show them the index card. If you want certainty that its the correct text, either use the official Cardtexts or have the Judge mark on the index card that it's the correct text. I'd happily go through a small pile (say around 4 or 5) different texts, search them up and just initial the bottom of the index card.

If you want to stick with the post-its, then make sure they cannot be seen from behind in either clear or coloured sleeves.

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