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30 Sep 2017 07:59 #83680 by Blooded Sand Sequencing . If two or more players want to play a card or effect, the acting Methuselah plays first. At every stage, the acting player always has the opportunity to play the next card or effect. So after playing one effect, she may play another and another. Once she is finished, the opportunity passes to the defending Methuselah (in the cases of directed actions and combat), then to the rest of the Methuselahs in clockwise order from the acting Methuselah. Note that if any Methuselah uses a card or effect, the acting Methuselah again gets the opportunity to play the next effect.

Weather Control
Only usable before range is determined on the first round.
[tha] Both combatants and each of their retainers take 1 unpreventable damage before range is determined each round. A vampire may play only one Weather Control each combat.

Outside the Hourglass
[TEM] Only usable before range is determined. Inflict 2 damage on the opposing minion. A vampire can play only one Outside the Hourglass at superior each round.

The difference is slight, but substantial. Weather control sets up a "reminder" that before we move the play on the range step, everybody has to take 1 damage. That before is very important, as it means that the damage can be taken any time between now and the very last moment of the prerange step.
Outside the hourglass does the damage instantly. There is no waiting, these is only damage now. Now there is damage queued that needs to be dealt with. I pass impulse and you now have the chance to play cards. If you cannot prevent the damage before passing impulse, you go torpor. Nothing stops you from countering with another OtH, in which case, unless I can prevent , I am also going to torpor.

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