file Conditioning Vs Eagle's Sight

24 Jan 2018 22:09 #85074 by jamesatzephyr

brandonsantacruz wrote: Ok, so the Eagle's Sight issue is similar to Direct Intervention. Ask incessantly or face punishment.

There's no need for it to work out like that, really.

Avoiding asking specific people "Do you block?" Ask everyone "Any blocks?" If everyone stays silent (or however you conventionally indicate passing in your group), move on.

LSJ's advice in a similar situation:

[LSJ 20100730]

LSJ wrote: > So, the upshot is A was smart to ask if C would block? If A boosted
> the bleed without asking after receiving 'No Block' from B, could C
> block? Should fictional A always ask C, D, E in case one of them plays
> Eagle's Sight?

Note that asking for "Any blocks?" and waiting to observe a period of
attentive silence from B, C, D, and E is often sufficient for B (who
will likely be vocal about "no block") and C, D, and E to confirm
their decisions not to block.

That is, C can't silently forego xeir impulse in the hopes of drawing
out the boost before blocking.

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24 Jan 2018 22:33 #85075 by kschaefer
An action cannot reach resolution until all Methuselah's of the non-acting minion declare No Block. This normally happens tacitly, per LSJs example.

However, someone who answers, "I block", before I do because they have a higher priority for declaration, obviates me from answering the question until it is asked again because I would have never had the impulse to answer.

So, if someone blocks and you bypass that block, you need to ask again until all remaining Methuselah's decline. Always ask "Are there any (other) blocks?"

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