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jamesatzephyr wrote:

Ankha wrote:

beslin igor wrote: Gratiano

So in refendum Free States Rant,all prisci have 0 ballots and Gratiano have 1,that automaticli count controler Gratiano gets prisci sub referendum-him have 3 votes,right?


The Priscus sub-referendum has all the ballots cast in it, and then the winning side has 3 votes cast for or against the referendum. But that block of 3 votes isn't cast by any individual Priscus - which would be potentially non-sensical on a table with two or more Priscus anyway.

This doesn't make much difference, but would be relevant e.g. to Tribunal Judgment, and one or two other corner-case effects.

I parsed beslin igor's text as: "the controller of Gratiano gets the prisci sub-referendum to vote for him".
Anyway, it's clearer indeed to rephrase as you did: Gratiano's ballot determines how the prisci block will vote in the main referendum (and those votes are not cast by Gratiano).

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