file Vivienne Géroux and anarh cards

31 Jul 2018 17:15 #89490 by mjvtes521

ReverendRevolver wrote:

Bloodartist wrote: It would make her way better that is sure. Currently she is very niche.

I've brought this up before, and nobody objected to the idea. Grey Thorne already has the text, and Diversion decks already are "solid" not game breaking. I wasn't part of playtest for AU, but I wonder why nobody threw it out there then. She cant forced march and can only guardian vigil for :for: or :cel: not both. But..... there are many cards to erratta slightly to make playable if they do that. Maybe it's all on hold?

Vivienne wasn't part of the AU set. She was introduced as one of two new library cards (the other was The Line) to be included in the Anthology set. The new cards added to the Anthology set were kind of thrown in at the last minute and the playtest period was very short (like a month or so, tops). It happened during one of the rounds of playtest for the Lost Kindred set as well, so in my playtest group, at least, we were all more interested and pre-occupied with playtesting the Lost Kindred cards. So very little playtesting happened with Vivienne. Hence, she stinks. Let's fix this and make her playable.
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21 Aug 2018 13:08 #90164 by BARBOSA
Please someone fix that ally... :isht:

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