file Additional Strikes and "Cancel as Played"

29 Nov 2019 00:30 #98031 by jamesatzephyr

Bloodartist wrote: Also another important rule is that action cards have to reach resolution in order to count as "played"

This isn't true. The action card counts as having been played if it was played. A card such as Ancient Influence, with card text saying "Only one Ancient Influence can be played or called in a game", counts as having been played even if it never reached resolution. A second copy of Ancient Influence in anyone's hand will see that it has been played.

Bloodartist wrote: and trigger the no-repeat-actions rule

That's separate from being 'played', and applies to all actions, including actions that don't have a card played (e.g. default bleed, vampire's card text, text from a card in play). A vampire taking an inherent default bleed is not tainted by the repeat action rules if the action terminates early somehow (e.g. Tangle Atropos' Hand) or if the action moves off them (e.g. Mask of a Thousand Faces).

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