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01 Dec 2012 20:58 #42158 by mirddes

this topic was recently locked before i was able to respond to the ideas generated by it's existance.

i like to post my insightful ideas on this forum.

i probably spend in excess of 20 hours a week with my vtes cards.

sometimes i just hold the decks, other times i skim though all the cards.

this is love.

id like to be able to discuss my ideas without simply having my topics locked.

this is a forum.

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01 Dec 2012 21:40 - 01 Dec 2012 21:44 #42159 by extrala
Let me tell you why others (including myself) react the way they did in the past.

  • You often just make a single statement what you think or what you want. But there's no further explanation or reasoning why you want that or think about it. "I don't like XYZ!" as single statement isn't a good starting point for discussion or exchange of arguments.
  • A lot of the topics you want to talk about, have been discussed in the past. At length. Please try read these threads before posting. A lot of the arguments already have been exchanged, and start your arguments from there.
  • I am not a native English speaker. But I try to use proper English vocabulary and grammar all the time. I know it's not always proper English, but I try at least. As you stated this is a forum, this is not twitter or an SMS communication/texting. And we're all not 12 year olds.
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01 Dec 2012 21:51 #42161 by ReverendRevolver
The issue is what you suggest/argue. Im one of the last people who want to see someone ostracized from the game, but you have to have noticed some of your suggestions try to fix things that arent broken. Thats the issue. Globally, people love this game. Your not suggesting ways to make bad but interesting things playable with errata, you are suggesting things to change in core rules and on solid cards, for what i and others perceive as ways to not optimize but break your collection so that you dont have to think with deck building. A lack of anything but apparent whimsy is.why the once per game thread wasnt taken to heart.

Dude, you dont have all bad input, you made relatively strong points when discussing players kits. But abolishing grouping and unlimiting GB? Too much.

Respectfully, spend time building decks, seeing flaws and rebuilding. Its more gratifying than just looking at cards and deciding what in them needs to change for a deck to work. Change the deck to work with the cards inatead of trying to imagine the cards changing for the deck. Its more challanging and stimulating than trying to change rules players on every continent but Antartica are ok with.

You are into the game. You want to discuss things. Just rationalize on a level other than your personal agendas, and it will go better.
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01 Dec 2012 22:44 #42168 by mirddes
just want to state clearly that there is no correct usage of English.

its very dynamic.

English is my only language and i frequently confuse native English speakers.

reading both of your posts filled me with great joy.

i must wonder if there are more vtes players in antartica than in my city of christchurch.

Apparent whimsy may indeed have been the case ;)

i will post my 7 decks at some point soon.

at some other point i will enter all of my cards into the secretlibrary database, i assume this would be publicly viewable.

is the search feature on this forum solid?

i text with punctuation and never truncate my words (i also have for most of my life refused to have a phone, and after a 2 year experiment have returned to this state)

VTES is love

have a great day

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01 Dec 2012 23:04 #42173 by mirddes
i do things with english that would make english teachers cringe.

; is the best example of the shenanigans i get up to


neither side of the sentence need exist for the other to work

they each stand alone, and together they stand again.

quantum sentence structure is the future i tell you

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01 Dec 2012 23:37 #42182 by AaronC
If you don't find mirddes's topics to be worthwhile, you could always ignore them.

I don't think that the number of his posts has grown so overwhelming that he has to be locked out. I don't have any data, so I might be wrong.

It isn't necessary to respond to each of his posts to explain why he is wrong or to scold him for his naïveté. The best way to discourage someone's participation is to ignore him.
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