check TWD - 7th Hiekkaharju Nightmare - 05.05.2018, Vantaa Finland

07 May 2018 15:48 - 17 Jun 2018 09:31 #86556 by Cerion
7th Hiekkaharju Nightmare
Vantaa, Finland
May 5th 2018
11 players
Matias Frosterus

Sadly we got 11 players, but all agreed to carry on with that number, so I got to play a promised deck, Actually it was better than I thought. Odd kinda roleplayish deck. Featuring Annabelle Tribell and embraces, but I won't go into that much, since it's irrelevant for the tournament. I got just 1 VP. .

Finals seating was:

Antti Penttilä (Eldest are Kholo) -> Juho Linna (Obfuscate bleeder) -> Jaakko Nurro (Lutz?) -> Mikko Hyvärinen (Arika) -> Matias Frosterus (Anarch Animalism)

Again I didn't get into finals in my own tournament, so I leave bigger report to the finalists, hopefully for the winner. Congrats Matias Frosterus on your win.

Final Rank Name Prelim GWs Prelim VPs Final VPs TPs
1 Matias Frosterus 1 3 3 88
2 Antti Penttilä 1 4 0 78
2 Mikko Hyvärinen 1 5 0 102
2 Juho Linna 1 4 2 88
2 Jaakko Nurro 0 1,5 0 82
6 Jyri Puhakka 0 1,5 82
7 Lauri Salmi 0 1 70
8 Tero Aalto 0 1 64
9 Tom Lindberg 0 0 46
9 Samuel Mäenpää 0 0 46
9 Juha Laukkanen 0 0 46

Matias will also post his deck.

Baron of Vantaa
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07 May 2018 16:45 #86563 by kschaefer
Anarch surviving Arika? Interesting. Look forward to the decklist.

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07 May 2018 17:34 #86565 by Cerion
Anarch are strong

Baron of Vantaa

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07 May 2018 18:17 #86569 by Bloodartist

Cerion wrote: Matias will also post his deck.

Hopefully quicker than last time :lol:

"If a man wanders into a tiger's domain, it may result in his being devoured.
And so it has."
-- Pisha, VtM:B

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07 May 2018 18:40 #86570 by Lemminkäinen
Sadly there was nothing Anarch about my deck except for the very first minion I brought up when I played with Cerion so the misunderstanding is understandable. My deck was actually Dominate Animalism. Superb disciplines together but unfortunately not often found on small caps.

Still, you're fine with Vamps that only have ANI as they are still very useful. And with a bit of Dominate from a Master they can suddenly bleed for a lot.

In the finals Lutz and Arika took their time coming up which gave the Obf Dom time to bleed quite a bit and the Ravnos to start multiplying. I played Pentex onto Arika when she reared her head and since no one enjoys Mind Rape Arika she got to enjoy the hospitality of the Pentex van for quite a while.

I Governed down and got Ravens but otherwise bided my time. Made a deal for peace with the Ravnos for them not to remove Pentex. They got up to ten Minions.

Dom Obf (these were serious about their Bleeds packing a ton of Command of the Beast and bleeding for insane amounts) failed a critical oust gamble and found themselves at ten pool. I had to break my deal in order to rush a single Ravnos so that he wouldn't have the oust on board. He didn't get Week of Nightmares or My King Against the World and didn't oust. I blocked his Con boons so he didn't get 24 Pool. Lutz succumbed to the bleeds, Arika got released by stealing one of the obf-dom Malks but her impact was minimal until she too succumbed to the bleed might.

Now the bleeds came at me but I had Deflections in hand and then bled with Govern + Bonding and Dominate Kine + Foreshadowing Destruction taking out the Ravnos from 13 or 14 Pool in one turn. After that it was mopping up the obf-doms.

Had I not gotten Pentex it would've been a very difficult game. Or had someone removed it but who wants a Mind Rape Arika rampaging around (he had Heidelberg out alread) :lol:

Deck Name : Dominate Animals
Author : Matias Frosterus
Description :
Could probably be pruned to 80 cards. Should also consider another Gustaphe instead of one Anton as Gustaphe is downright amazing. Oh, and one Carrion Crows should really be Aid from Bats instead - I somehow counted the cards wrong when making the deck but this is what I won with.

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 3 max: 9 average: 6.33333

2x Anton de Concepcio 9 ANI DOM OBT POT aus archbishop Lasombra:4
2x Gustaphe Brunnelle 8 ANI DOM POT obf primogen Nosferatu:4
1x Konrad Fleischer 9 ANI AUS DOM FOR tha !Ventrue:4
1x Aimery Methuin 7 AUS DOM FOR ani pot !Ventrue:5
1x Celeste Lamontagne 5 ANI PRO for !Gangrel:4
1x Crow 5 ANI for pro tha Gangrel:5
1x Petra 5 ANI OBF aus Nosferatu:4
1x Beetleman 4 ANI obf Nosferatu:4
1x Paulo de Castille 4 ani dom pot Lasombra:4
1x Stick 3 ANI !Nosferatu:4

Library [90 cards]

Action [14]
4x Deep Song
1x Dominate Kine
9x Govern the Unaligned

Action Modifier [8]
2x Bonding
4x Conditioning
2x Foreshadowing Destruction

Combat [30]
11x Aid from Bats
1x Canine Horde
9x Carrion Crows
3x Pack Alpha
1x Song in the Dark
4x Taste of Vitae
1x Terror Frenzy

Master [14]
4x Dominate
3x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Fame
1x Information Highway
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
1x Society of Leopold
3x Wider View

Reaction [18]
5x Cats' Guidance
6x Deflection
3x Guard Dogs
4x On the Qui Vive

Retainer [6]
2x Owl Companion
4x Raven Spy

Crafted with : Anarch Revolt Deck Builder. [Mon May 07 21:25:59 2018]
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07 May 2018 22:06 #86579 by Cerion
yeah funny in first game I only saw the small caps and no dominate, so the misundestanding comes from there

Baron of Vantaa

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