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30 Sep 2020 11:50 #100837 by Rémi
Thanks for all the details.

Feel free to tell me to create a new thread if needed.
"To sum it up: if an effect sets the range and causes the "determine range" step to be skipped, the range is not determined until after the "pre-maneuver" step. Therefore, cards such as Immortal Grapple or Blood to Water that must be played at a given range cannot be played during the "pre-maneuver" step."

In this case...
- Before the Range is determined : Outside the Hourglass (deal 2 damage to opposing minion)
- Before the Range is determined : Cailean special ability to set the range to close range.
- Before the Range is determined : Illusions of the Kindred

I understand that the minion that played Outside the Hourglass cannot play Disarm to the opposing minion since "determine range step" didn't pass before combat ends. I had no time to be skipped by Cailean's special ability.

Card Text :
Name: Outside the Hourglass
Cardtype: Combat
[TEM] Only usable before range is determined. Inflict 2 damage on the opposing minion. A vampire can play only one Outside the Hourglass at superior each round.

Name: Cailean
Cardtype: Vampire
Sabbat Archbishop of Detroit: Each round of combat, before range is determined, Cailean can set the range for that round. If he does so, skip the Determine Range step for that round.

Name: Illusions of the Kindred
Cardtype: Combat
Only usable before range is determined.
[chi] Combat ends. (...)


I am Rémi Cavaillé (), Barcelona (SPAIN). I was the Prince of Lyon (FRANCE) in 2003 :)

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