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30 Aug 2018 10:53 #90314 by jamesatzephyr

Kraus wrote: [2 VP player can withdraw, and a 3 VP player can transfer out if either of those will give them the GW. In a heads-up with a 1 VP player, a 2 VP player will still have the GW: 2 VP vs GW+2,5 VP (someone else took 1 and died).

If withdrawing results in a player getting the GW, they are playing to win. The more general problem in this situation lies with the other player, who should either be attempting to get the GW or maximizing their VPs if they cannot reasonably get the GW.

Now, there will be some situations where such withdrawal shenanigans represent the best interests of both players. For example, there are a few minutes left on the clock, both players have a bajillion pool and no reasonable way of ousting each other in the next few minutes with the resources at hand, so the non-withdrawing player getting 1 VP as last player standing is better than getting 0.5 VP from timing out is a better deal for them. There will also be situations where the non-withdrawing player cannot interfere with the withdrawing player's withdrawal e.g. all their vampires are empty in torpor, and since the withdrawing player gets the GW, they can win however they please. There will be other situations too, of course.

In other situations, when the withdrawing player is down to six cards in hand, it may well be much more possible for the other (non-withdrawing) player to oust them - they no longer have much by way of defence, and what they do have can be quickly whittled away. Thus it will fairly often be play-to-win for the other player to attempt to oust the withdrawing player, because rather than get 1VP from last man standing, they get 2VP. This is maximizing their VPs and - if they already had 1VP - would result in them getting get the GW. On a 4 player table where the withdrawing player has 2VP and the other player has 0VP, a 2-2 tie (with no GW awarded) is still better for the other player than 1VP from a 2.5-1 withdrawal situation.

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30 Aug 2018 12:05 #90316 by Kraus

jamesatzephyr wrote:

And in these situations in particular one should always have the judge OK the table-split. I'd say you should ALWAYS get a good-to-go from the judge in splittings, but in these situations in particular.

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