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Kiddo wrote:

Tadori wrote:

Ankha wrote:
Anyway, we'll make Anu's text clearer: "During a bleed action, Anu can burn 1 blood to give the acting minion +1 bleed."

After thinking about it should it say "Once during bleed action" because now you can burn 7 blood to get +7 bleed.

No, you can't. In VTES, when there is a 'during x, do y' template, you can do x only once:

“During X, do Y”:

The “during X do Y” template is used in several cards. When this template is used, only one Y can be done per X with this card. For instance, you may move blood from your vampire to your pool with Vessel only once per untap phase.

Ok I found it in the rulebook thanks but it wasn't easy.

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19 Sep 2019 09:34 - 19 Sep 2019 09:37 #97045 by Bloodartist

Ankha wrote: Because in the OP it's not a bleed action (also, the minion is not necessarily acting).

And herein is the apparent issue: If the +bleed would be modifying the vampire instead of modifying the bleed, Anu could (with the original text) give that minion +1 bleed during for example a vote action. I see no contradiction still. I dont see why it needs to be explicitly forbidden since the act does nothing beneficial... you could burn 1 blood for nothing if you wanted. Even Justicar retribution would not be broken because a.) the vote is extremely situational and doesnt oust anybody b,) Anu can buff only ONE minion anyway during an action. (because of the "during" template)

I am a proponent of "Things are allowed unless they are specifically forbidden" style of rules, because then it is easy to DEDUCE how rules work in some new situation. Keeping the amount of denying rules to a minimum results in a very elegant and logical rule system.

In VTES this principle is not followed, thus leading to very confusing rules and situations, where I cannot deduce how something works, but always have to go "ask a judge", which btw often rule differently because rules are unintuitive.
I get the feeling that often judges invent new restrictions out of thin air because of "common sense" or somesuch. This case is a good example.

A heretic is a man who sees with his own eyes.
—Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

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