file Erlik's special card ability and Anarch Convert triggers

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Palamedes wrote:

7. Influence Phase
At any time during this phase, if a vampire has at least as many blood counters as his capacity, the player can move that vampire face up to the ready region, unlocked.

Also notice the words "at any time". This means that you can sequence things in the influence phase, and bringing vampires up now is a choice, not obligatory. You can bring up anarch convert, turn someone anarch, pull a new card from the crypt, bring up anarch convert to turn that same vampire to anarch, draw a new vampire from the crypt, and move 2 blood to it.

Also worth noting that a vampire can have more blood than its capacity while on the uncontrolled zone, it doesnt "drain off" until you bring them to controlled zone, and you don't have to bring them up. You can use any uncontrolled vampire to "store" pool.

Theres lots of tricks involving crypt now.

ps. The rules involving influence step were changed some time ago. It wasn't always like this. Some old players may remember the old rules.

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