VTES GP 2023 champion

The final of the 2022-2023 European Grand Prix circuit took place in Barcelona, Spain, on Saturday October 14.

The invited player was, in seed order:
1. Javier Naranjo Ortiz – Grand Prix Spain winner
2. Bram Van Stappen – Grand Prix Belgium winner
3. Danilo Torrisi – Grand Prix Italy winner
4. Jeroen van Oort – Grand Prix Germany winner
5. Bartosz Kalinczuk – Grand Prix Poland winner

VTES EC 2023 GP final

Congratulations Bartosz Kalinczuk of Poland! He took 3 victory points, leaving 2 to Jeroen van Oort.

Lucian, the Perfect
[Here it would have been supercool to show the tournament winning deck list!]

Thanks to all players, organisers and the sponsor Ultra Pro. The struggle is eternal, so the 2023-2024 European Grand Prix circuit starts in Milan, Italy on December 9!

VTES Ultra Pro sponsor