The V:tes Storyline Events are a series of worldwide tournaments and special events that allow V:tes players to influence the outcome of critical conflicts in the classic World of Darkness. These events have special rules in addition to the normal tournament rules, feature special promotional cards created just for them, and chronicle the victories and defeats to the V:tes clans, factions, and characters.



Fall of London.





Berlin Storyline Events 2017

The VEKN invites all attendees of WOD Berlin to participate in two VTES Storyline events: The Ascension of Caine, and The End of the Line. The Ascension of Caine is a homage to a story from the 1st edition RPG and will be played all day over Friday. The End of the Line complements the LARP of the same name and can be played in a short pickup format throughout the weekend. Each game has special rules and requires special deck construction. If you would like to play but do not have a ready deck then please speak to a representative of the VEKN on the day, who may be able to help.
If you are not able to attend the World of Darkness Berlin weekend, then we would encourage you to play the same events at home with your local playgroup, either over the same weekend in May, or on another date soon after.
ASCENSION OF CAINE: spring/summer 2017 VEKN storyline
Some Kindred interested in the origins of vampires tell stories of Caine, the figure from the Bible’s Old Testament who murdered his brother in jealousy. These stories tell that God cursed Caine, forcing him to walk the night and feed of the blood of others forevermore. Caine begat vampire progeny, which in turn spawned the clans and bloodlines known by Kindred today.
Many Kindred of the Camarilla dismiss these tales as simply fantasy, with no basis in reality. Certainly there are no vampires alive today who can claim to have met Caine, or who can offer a shred of proof behind the myth.
Some Kindred however—particularly those of the Sabbat—believe the legend is real. They look to cryptic ancients texts such as the Book of Nod as proof that Caine once walked the earth.

A select few believe that Caine’s return would signal the advent of the end times, or Gehenna. They lie in wait, preparing their forces, waiting for the signs.
Nefertiti Advanced Amulet of the Ancients Visage of Caine


END OF THE LINE: summer 2017 VEKN storyline
Nobody is sure when the nightclub called the Line first appeared, or who owns it. The Line is a place where questions are best not asked. The Line is a place that welcomes all nationalities, all cultures, all creatures.
At the Line everyone are equals. Primogen rub shoulders with anarchs. Camarilla share the dancefloor with Sabbat. Grudges and affiliations are left at the door. It has always been this way, and the Management will tolerate nothing less.
The Line is a place to simply be. And everyone wants to be at the Line.


2015 The Red Sign Storyline

The Red Sign is a constructed V:TES Storyline event designed for worldwide play during spring and summer 2015.

Except as noted in these instructions, each Storyline game will follow the VEKN Constructed Tournament rules for card play and deck construction. Each Storyline game will be timed to a maximum duration of 2 hours.

At least 75% (e.g. 9 out of 12) of the vampires in each player’s crypt must belong to the same clan. In this context, ‘clan’ includes all bloodlines, Panders and Imbued, but not Caitiff.

In addition to the standard list of VEKN banned cards and errata, the following changes apply:

  • The event card Recalled to the Founder is banned
  • The ally cards Mehemet of the Ahl-i-Batin, Order of Hermes Cabal, Outcast Mage, Tara, Hollow One and Thadius Zho have their printed cost reduced by 1 pool.
  • The ally cards Nephandus and Veneficti are infernal.

Players may also use any or all of the crypt and library cards provided in this pack in deck construction, with the exception of The Red Sign (see below).

The Storyline will be played in single games, with the results of each game contributing to the narrative. Each play group may play this Storyline any number of times within the allotted time frame.

Players will note that the master card The Red Sign provides an alternate victory condition to win the game.

The following pack contains the full rules sheet, printable PDFs for 48 new library cards and 8 new crypt cards, a Storyline results form and an equivalent e-mail results template.

The contents of this pack may be updated during the course of the Storyline, so please check for updates posted here at


Mike Nudd, VEKN Storyline Coordinator


2014 Anniversary Storyline – “The Returned”



Starting in April 2014, and running episodically each month for the six months leading up to the EC, there will be an Anniversary Storyline called "The Returned". Each month, a special Mythic Vampire from the lore of the World of Darkness will be offered to the player base as a ‘thank you’ for continuing to play, support and promote the game.


As per the last two official Storylines, the format will be single games of V:TES where each player uses a Storyline legal deck (i.e. a crypt 75% of the same clan). The Storyline will also require you to keep a league table of game wins among your playgroup.

Any player who achieves at least one game win during the month will be permitted to use that month’s Mythic Vampire in deck construction for the remaining duration of the Storyline. E.g. a winner in month 1 (April) will be able to use the first Mythic Vampire released in any game over the next 6 months of Storyline games.

And at Mannheim any player attending the EC will be encouraged – regardless of league performance - to use any of the six Mythic Vampires in friendly games played during the course of the event (with the agreement of their opponents).


 Mike Nudd, VEKN Storyline Coordinator


Storyline - Ragnarök, the Final Battle



The All High, a legendary Gangrel elder, is missing. An army of monsters has descended from the mountains of Norway and Sweden intent on wreaking havoc upon the World, upsetting the ages-old conflict between sleeping Methuselahs.


Ragnarök, The Final Battle is a constructed V:TES Storyline event designed for the 2013 VTES European Championship.

Except as noted in these instructions, each Storyline game will follow the VEKN Constructed Tournament rules for card play and deck construction. Each Storyline game will be timed to a maximum duration of 2 hours.

At least 75% (e.g. 9 out of 12) of the vampires in the player's crypt must belong to the same clan. In addition to the standard list of VEKN banned cards, Recalled to the Founder (Event) is banned from play.

Any single V:TES game played with 4-5 players using Storyline legal decks between 00:00 Monday 30th September and 00:00 Thursday 31st October anywhere in the world that uses the described game modifications may contribute towards the Ragnarök Storyline and have its results submitted.

The pack provided in support of the Ragnarök Storyline includes several sheets of additional cards:

  • Adversary cards — monsters to fight during the game
  • Reward cards — prizes to be won during the game
  • An All-High vampire card
  • Optional Brunhilde Advanced and Valkyrie vampire cards which may be used in any player's crypt
  • An optional set of additional werewolf themed cards which may be used in any player's library

Before the game begins shuffle the Adversary cards and deal out 7 of each to form a deck, which is placed in the centre of the table. Do the same with the Reward cards. The 2 remaining cards from each set should be placed to one side without revealing them. Also place the All High vampire card in the centre of the table.

After each player has taken two turns the top card of each of the Adversary and Reward decks are revealed. Counters should be placed on the Adversary to represent its starting life. The text on the Adversary will take immediate effect.

Adversaries are immune to all card effects which target allies, and are also immune to all card effects which target minions controlled by other Methuselahs.

In each player's minion phase, any minion controlled by that player may take an undirected action to enter combat with the revealed Adversary. If its life is reduced to zero by combat damage it is burned and removed from the game.

The controller of acting minion that burned the Adversary takes the revealed Reward card and may place it on any minion he or she controls.

The next top card from each deck is then revealed. This sequence is repeated 7 times until there are no Adversary or Reward cards left on the table.

When the last Adversary is burned all players left in the game make an open bid for control of the All High using their pool, starting with the active player. The minimum bid is 1 pool. Players are not forced to bid if they do not wish to. The player that wins this bid moves the All High to his or her ready region with 0 blood, and play continues as normal. All of the pool bid by the winner is returned to the blood bank. The losers of the bid do not lose any pool.

An FAQ is included in the pack which should answer many common questions.

All players are recommended to download and print their own copies of the Storyline pack from the link below. Printed copies will be circulated at the EC but they will be limited in number - players are advised to bring their own copies if possible.


 Mike Nudd, VEKN Storyline Coordinator


Storyline for the European Championship 2012 in Budapest:

Budbudapest2012apest is a city without a ruler. Its former master, a fearsome Kindred from the Cold War era, has publically declared his retirement and has suddenly vanished from the scene He has left no clear heir or successor. The largest factions of the Kindred have learned of this opportunity and have flocked to the city —some to seek their fortune, others to settle old scores. Prominent among these new visitors is the venerable Bulscu, a Magyar of ancient descent and former prince of this city. Many suspect he will bid to become lord of this domain once more.


2010 Spring: Battle Lines:

It has long been foferoxcircleretold that when the Antediluvians rise their descendants will be recalled to meet their founders. On that day the children of the ancients will be consumed, driven mad, or destroyed. But what of those vampires who through tricks of time or manipulations of the blood have no single Antediluvian they call their progenitor? What of the bloodlines?
Emissaries of the Bahari have approached the bloodline elders. They bring dark warnings and a message of hope. The bloodlines have a chance to survive the coming cataclysm. But they must renounce the father of their kind and swear allegiance to Lilith, the Dark Mother. They are faced with a terrible choice. Do they heed the warnings and join the servants of Lilith? Or do they remain true to all they have known and remain loyal to Caine? Faced with these choices debate, subversion, and civil war breaks out among and between the bloodline clans. They must choose which side they are on. The Battle Lines are drawn.

2009 Fall: Eden's Legacy:

edenFor centuries the Royal Order of Edenic Groundskeepers conducted their clandestine research. The members of the order have gathered the secrets of their forbearers and the world's greatest trove of Kindred lore. Recently, several scholars of the order mysteriously disappeared. As the secret of the Edenic Groundskeepers is revealed, the world's Methuselahs realize their sudden peril and the opportunities before them. The clandestine struggle for control of the information unearthed by the order begins.

11/13/2009: EC 2009: Friday the 13th (Location: 2009 European Championship, Palma de Mallorca)

claudiocircleOn the eve of the last chapters of Gehenna, the caster of a massive cataclysm awakes to a new world. His name is Claudio Severino and he comes back with knowledge and powers that are not meant to exist. Many seek him - some to destroy him, others to find out what he knows; some to save the Tremere, others to annihilate them. Others seek him to become like him. Indestructible.

2009 Spring: Rise of the Imperator:

imperatorIn a time of crisis, a leader will rise. Who will have the honor, the responsibility, the power to lead the armies of the Camarilla? Who will be the Imperator?



2008 Fall: Anarchs and Alastors

publicenemyAn outlaw anarch gang is on the loose. Rich awards await those who can stop them.


10/23/2008: Black Miracles and Lies (Location: 2008 North American Championship, Montreal)


2006 Winter: Milleniumn Cultists

millenniumThe followers of Caitiff preacher threaten the Masquerade. His sermons threaten something worse.


2005 Fall: The Return of Nergal (Infernal Plague II) Storyline.

nergalThe infernal plague continues when the Prince of Hell is unleashed.


2004 Fall: Infernal Plague Storyline

infernalplagueFeaturing Barbaro Lucchese’s efforts to spread infernalism.


2003 Summer: Lambach's Legion Storyline

lambachFeaturing Lambach's efforts to raise a legion of loyal followers, for purposes known only to him.


2002 Fall: The Eye of Hazimel Storyline

eyeofhazimelFeatured the struggle for the control of the Eye of Hazimel following the events of the Clan Novel series.


2002 Winter: The Baltimore Storyline

baltimoreFeatured the struggle for the control of Baltimore following the events of the Clan Novel series.