If you are interested in sending your card ideas to us or in showing your art to us, please follow these guidelines:

If you are interested in sending your card ideas to us, please follow these guidelines:

1. Submissions should be posted on the Expansion sets & Card Ideas forum on The subject title of that post should start with the word "Submission".

2. Submission should be sourced in the World of Darkness and that source documented in the submission. If no WoD source is given, the submission should document how the new card addresses a compelling game need. Vampires, for instance, should come from White Wolf source when possible. Make them match their descriptions in the source if possible, and so on. We do not want to see fictional submissions like “Masika's Gauntlet” or “Harrod's Desk Lamp”. The game theme will start to appear watered-down if we start leaning towards stuff that isn't rooted in the WoD. (Note: My personal favorite card I created was Carver's Meat Packing—yanked straight out of a Gehenna book. It made for awesome art and inspired an original game function). If you tend to work backwards and create game effects and then throw on clichés for card names it will show. If someone doesn't have access to the WoD source then partner up with someone and work together on your submissions.

3. Submission should be complete (No card titles w/o full text. etc.)

4. Submissions for Clan or Discipline cards should generally maintain the “clannishness” of that clan. For instance, Brujah should fight or at least Bruise/Bleed. Don't make a Conditioning for each and every clan. In instances where you go outside the core strengths of the clan then cost or restrict appropriately.

5. Submission must have art notes. (Art notes tell the artist what to draw so that the drawing matches the WoD aspect the card is trying to capture.)

6. If text is short enough to allow for flavor text then the submission should have flavor text. Flavor text should ideally come from WoD sources or public domain sources.

7. Submission must contain the owner's real name (Created by Robert Goudie, for example. We do not want to have to work backwards from VEKN user IDs while trying to figure out who submitted the idea.)

8. Submission must make an attempt to properly template the card text. (Uses game terms properly “You, Methuselah, opposing minion, ballot vs. vote, Discipline is always capitalized, etc.”) (Handles logistics like “put this card in play” and “clean-up” like “burn this card when such and such happens” proper keywords, etc.)

9. Any submissions are considered the property of the V:EKN. No compensation. No rights. We reserve the right to make any revisions we feel are necessary—probably without discussing it with you first! (Nobody wants to hold up playtesting while we circle back with everybody who submitted something.)



(Card text)

Flavor text:

Art notes:

World of Darkness reference:

How does this card address a compelling game need?:

Created by:


Name: Ra's Blessing
Cardtype: Action modifier
Cost: 3 blood
Capacity: Not applicable
Discipline: Bardo
Clan: None
Only usable as the action is announced.
[bar] Vampires cannot block this action.
[BAR] As above, and if the action is successful, this vampire may burn 1 blood to untap (after resolving the action).

Flavor text: “The higher the sun ariseth, the less shadow doth he cast; even so the greater is the goodness, the less doth it covet praise; yet cannot avoid its rewards in honours.”, Akhenaton (King of Egypt, 14th century BC)

Art notes: A dark-skinned Egyptian vampire walking on a crowded street at noon showing indifference.

World of Darkness reference: The Hunters Hunted, p. 53

How does this card address a compelling game need?: The actions of Children of Osiris vampires get easily blocked and, since they lack access to offensive combat cards, unblockability (even at a high cost) would make them more viable.

Created by: Ginés Quiñonero


(Card text)

Art notes:

World of Darkness reference:

How does this card address a compelling game need?:

Created by:


Name: Khetamon, Grand Undying King
Cardtype: Vampire
Clan: Children of Osiris
Level: Basic
Group: 5
Capacity: 10
Discipline: aus for BAR DOM OBT POT
Independent. Khetamon can move a vampire in torpor to your uncontrolled region as a +1 stealth (D) action.

Art notes: Khetamon irradiates an aura of peace around him. He is sitting on the floor of the Grand Temple of the Children of Osiris. His face can hardly be seen because of the surrounding tiny chandelier lighting.

World of Darkness reference: Mummy1 pp. 64-65

How does this card address a compelling game need?: The Children of Osiris clan is missing a 10 capacity vampire in group 5.

Created by: Ginés Quiñonero


- Avoid any of the following characters: [ ] { } ( ) ; : - /
- Sentences on cards that go in play should be readable in any order. Don't use "that vampire" in a sentence if "that vampire" is not defined in that sentence.
- "You" is ALWAYS the controler of the card. Minion cards are controled by the controler of the minion they are on, master cards are controled by the Methuselah who played them.
- If you exceed 11 lines of text (~350 characters) for a library card, it's too long.
- If you exceed 5 lines of text (~150 characters) for a crypt card, it's too long.

1. Send us several illustration samples (if they match the content and flavor of the Classic World of Darkness, the better, but it is not a requirement). Consider this your initial “portfolio” for us. If we like what we see, we will work with you if we are in need of artists.

2. Samples should preferably be in JPEG format at 72 dpi. An acceptable size is an illustration that matches a full sheet of paper (8.5 x 11 inches). If possible, we prefer a link to a website instead of e-mail attachments.

3. If you send your submission via e-mail, please keep the file size reasonable.

4. We are looking for images that tell a story of some kind and make the World of Darkness believable, preferably with more than one figure. And we are also interested in portraits.

5. Art submissions should be sent to the Art Director.