VTES European Grand Prix

The V:TES European Grand Prix is a series of tournaments in which participants play, get exclusive rewards and gather ranking points. The five top ranked players from the series face off in the final held the same weekend as the European Championship. Each Grand Prix winner is also automatically qualified for Day 2 at the European Championship.

Head organizer: Orian Gissler (VEKN Organized Play Coordinator)

More details: European Grand Prix Facebook page

Ranking will be given like this:
Winner: 25 points
Finalists: 15 points
6th: 10 points
7th: 9 points
th: 8 points
9th: 7 points
10th: 6 points
All other participants: 3 points

The 2019-2022 season playmat, awarded to all participants:

GP 2019-2020 playmat

Art by Carmen Cornet.

The grand prize, for the overall champion:

GP 2022 ring


In addition to other prizes, the winner of the Grand Prix final will be awarded with his or her image on a future VTES card!

Locations and dates:

Italy, Bologna – November 23th 2019
Event calendar: 9404
More information: Italian Gran Prix 2019/20 (VEKN.net forum)
Facebook event: "[Bologna] - Italian Gran Prix"

Spain, Cordoba – March 7th 2020
More information: VTES GP Cordoba 2020 (VEKN.net forum)
Facebook: VTES European Grand Prix

Hyvinkää, Finland – June 11th 2022
More information: European Grand Prix Hyvinkää, Finland (VEKN.net forum)
Facebook: V:tES Grand Prix 2022 Finland

Aix-en-Provence, France – June 18th 2022
More information: The Call: European Grand Prix of Aix En Provence, France (VEKN.net forum)
Facebook: V:tES Grand Prix 2022 France

Malmö, Sweden – July 2nd 2022
More information: Malmö Game Week
Facebook: VTES Grand Prix - Malmö 2022

The final: Finland, Helsinki – July 29-31 2022
More information about Ropecon, the convention that hosts the final, as well as the European Championship: vtes.orava.org/ec2022

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