Step 1: Register Your Event

Send an email to the Storyline Coordinator at with a brief description of your BYO Storyline Event. Include a basic plot description, and where and when you would like to run it. You'll get a response indicating if the event is approved. If you event is approved, it'll be added to the list of Official BYO Storyline Events with your Introduction and Aftermath information posted on the White Wolf web site. You'll be eligible to have your event cards to be turned into official V:tes cards in future expansions. Plot elements and the results of your event may be included in future V:tes Storywhline Events.


Step 2: Design Your Event

Create your story and get the word out. Let people know about the story they'll be participating in. The only rules are that your story must be set in the classic World of Darkness before Gehenna (note that there is no canonical Gehenna ending, just a few portends, like the Week of Nightmares, the Caitiff prince, and the Red Star--you can set your stories before or after these events, in 1996, 2008, or whatever, but always before THE END). You may wish to consider creating a webpage that details your storyline, its participants, bios of any fictional characters, or whatever. Later, you can add the results of your event and any prologue that you write.

Feel free to use special rules (clan-based crypts, new actions, unofficial "promo" cards for the event, or the like) to match the theme of your event. They aren't sanctioned, so you have plenty of freedom here to infuse your theme into the storyline games.

There's no official format for designing BYO Storyline Events. These events may include special rules or cards. Often prologue fiction is used to set the scene and let the players know what is at stake. You can look at the Official Storyline Event introductions or the introductions of other BYO Storyline Events to get ideas on how some storyline events are designed.


Step 3: Submit Your Introduction

Once the introduction, prologue fiction, rules and other materials for your event are completed, send them to the storyline coordinator at . Your event information will be posted with other BYO Storyline Events on the web site.

Include some details to be added to the BYO Events page in the following format:

Event Name:
Web site (if any, optional):
Description (Designer:
Organizer (if different from designer):

Include in your email all your event design and introductory fiction, and any images or materials created for you event that you would like us to post. These will be added to the Introduction page for you event on the White Wolf web site.


Step 4: Run Your Event and Record the Results

Promote and run your event and send us the report. Your report can include the winning decks and finals report. It can also include epilogue fiction that describes what has happened in the aftermath of the events in your story. Include any player quotes heard during your event. Like other storyline events, appropriate quotes may be used as flavor text on cards in future expansions.

Your event report should include:

Dominant clan or faction in your city or region in the aftermath of the event
Name of a key minion crucial to the outcome of this event

Your BYO event report may include an event card submission. This can be a V:tes crypt or library card that was designed, by you, for use in the event, or a card designed as an appropriate reward for the winner of the event. BYO event cards will be considered for future publication.

Send your report to . It will be used as the Aftermath page for your event on the BYO Events page.




09/2023 Festivo dello Estinto V

The Sabbat Storyline

You, brothers and sisters of the Sabbat, are summoned to join the Festivo dello Estinto. We will celebrate and honor those who have fallen for the Sword of Caine in the Eternal Struggle. Long unlive the Sabbat! Long unlive the Black Hand!

Lucita de Aragón

On September 16th and 17th, we will celebrate the 5th Edition of Festivo dello Estinto, the Sabbat Storyline. Once again, all Methuselahs scattered around the world are invited to come to Zaragoza to participate in one of the major events of the Spanish VTES Calendar for the year 2023.

Festivo dello Estinto V keeps the fire of the storyline saga started years ago. As usual, there are some special rules to build your Library and Crypt that give it its special flavor. A minimum of 50% of your vampires should belong to the Sabbat sect, as the Kindred outside the Sword of Caine can always be attacked as a +1 (D) action... You can include up to four copies of the vampire "Sabbat Convert" in your crypt; the card design is a tribute to the last winner: Txus Alútiz.

Furthermore, Methuselahs can also use the foil card "Vaulderie's Addict," which adds special abilities to the vampire who finally understands that the path of the Sabbat is the correct one...

FdE V inherits from the anecdotes that took place in last year's event: Rise of Zaragoza. The impressive collection of these scenes has inspired Iñigo Orbegozo to write a complete storyline that we have been sharing with the most famous Spanish VTES podcasts: Bleed de 3, Master Phase, and Causa y Efecto. In the previous tournament, a deck with Sebastian Goulet as the main minion emerged victorious. Now, as we continue writing the Sabbat story, we are introducing a special full art card to the game table: "La Fuente" as an Event.

All those attending Festivo dello Estinto V will receive a complete pack of special unofficial cards designed exclusively for the event: Sabbat Convert (x2), La Fuente, and Lucita de Aragón (ADV). Lucita de Aragón is featured as a full art card, showcasing a beautiful exclusive illustration by our beloved artist, María Lorén. This stunning image of Lucita de Aragón has also been used to create a commemorative playmat that will be gifted to all players.

We have reserved Camping Ciudad de Zaragoza as the venue for the event. You can book fully equipped bungalows, hostel rooms, or camping pitches with a special offer by simply using the promotional code: VTES. For more information, please visit

You can find complete information about Festivo dello Estinto V, including special rules, location, gifts, prices, sponsors, and more on our website: Don't hesitate to contact us via email at or by phone at (+34) 658786773. We will be happy to assist you, especially those coming from abroad, as hospitality is our priority in Zaragoza, following the 5th Tradition. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Still unsure about attending? We are excited to announce that Black Chantry Productions has prepared a very special gift for the event. All players of Festivo dello Estinto V will receive one copy of the exclusive full art promo card "Festivo dello Estinto." On behalf of the organization, we extend our heartfelt thanks. Long live VTES!


2023 Echoes of Gehenna




BYO Storyline Rewards (TO BE REVISITED)

At the end of each calendar year (including 2008) we will choose a few (up to 3) of the top event cards that were submitted in V:tes BYO Storyline Reports. These cards will be introduced to the game and published in the following year. Any unpublished BYO event cards will be eligible, even if the event took place in a prior year. Event cards selected for publication may be edited for balance or wording.

The stories and events described in the BYO Storyline Events may also be included in future White Wolf Storyline Events at the discretion of the V:tes Storyline Coordinator.

Mike Nudd
V:tes Storyline Coordinator

Even though White Wolf no longer creates new RPG material for the classic World of Darkness, there are still more stories to be told. You can influence Vampire: The Eternal Struggle's ongoing storyline (the only WW storyline to continue in the classic World of Darkness). We're offering Princes and players the opportunity to run their own Build Your Own Storyline events . BYO storyline organizers create stories in the classic World of Darkness setting and design any special rules for their own local storyline event. Be creative! The sky is the limit! You can create the plots and schemes, the drama, and the characters that may become part of the official V:TES world.

From March 2015: War For Territory MMXV ( WFT )

Players design and play with their "Avatars", representing only 1 clan of their choice, against all other Methuselahs.
A new phase is created, the CHAOS phase, which affects every game, and can twist the fates of the game. New cards, new BYO promos and city titles.


For complete information on the Storyline, please contact Roberto Mautone or Desso Alastor

Designer and Organizer: Desso Alastor

Official Video

Location: 6 different cities across Brazil

Official Page on Facebook: 


March 2014 to November 2014: War For Territory 2014 (WFT)

Players design and play with their "Avatars", representing only 1 clan at his/her choice, against all other Methuselahs. A new phase is created, the CHAOS phase, which affect the gameplay during all tables, and can twist the fates of the game. New cards, new BYO promos and city titles. For complete information on the Storyline , visit the official website (available in English and Portuguese.


5/30/2009: Lisboa: 1999 (Location: Lisbon, Portugal)

4/5/2009: Whispers in the Darkness (Location: Boston MA)


2009: Carnaval (Location: Lille, France)


2009: The Curse of the Foul Thirst (Location: Canbara, Australia)


2009: What Lies Beneath (Location: Melbourne, Australia)


1/2009: Hashashin's Creed (Location: Tilburg, The Netherlands)



2/2008: Festivo dello Estinto II (Location: Zaragoza, Spain)

2007: Watchtower: Chosen are Called (Location: Alès, France)




9/2005: Signs of Gehenna (Location: Syndey, Australia)

  • Introduction



8/2005: BYOS São Paulo (Location: São Paulo, Brazil)

 8/2005: Baltimore: From The Ashes... (Location: Glen Burnie, MD)


6/2005: The Magic of Torino (Location: Torino, Italy)

  • Introduction



6/2005: Ignatius Wainwright (Location: Boston, MA)

A powerful wraith pits anarchs against the Sabbat as they fight for control of the city, and control of themselves.

  • Introduction
  • Aftermath
  • Winner: Xavier, Anarchs



12/2004: Rise of the Palladium (Location: Frankfurt, Germany)

  • Introduction



12/2004: Direct Intervention (Location: Penrith, Australia)

  • Introduction



12/2004: Identity Theft (Location: Holland, MI)

Powerful Methuselahs take command over lesser cainites. And sometimes the other way around.

  • Introduction




10/2004: The End is Nigh (Location: Phildelphia, PA)

  • Introduction


9/2004: Finding the Path: Chicago (Location: Chicago, IL)

  • Introduction




6/2004: Bangor Maine Storyline League (Location: Bangor, ME)

  • Introduction


4/2004: Reverse the Curse (Location: Boston, MA)

An ancient curse is broken. The Kindred are drawn to Boston in search of an explanation and in search of power.

  • Introduction
  • Aftermath
  • Winner: Tzimisce