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Here are lists of files and resources containing all of the VTES cards ever printed with their most recent wordings:





Card Lists by Expansion

Jyhad (1994)

Vampire: the Eternal Struggle (1995)

Dark Sovereigns (1995) iconmiscsetds

Ancient Hearts (1996) iconmiscsetdah

The Sabbat (1996) iconmiscsetsabbat

Sabbat War (2000) iconmiscsetsw

Final Nights (2001) iconmiscsetfn

Bloodlines (2001) iconmiscsetbl

Camarilla Edition (2002) iconmiscsetce

Demonstration decks (2002) iconmiscsetdemo

Anarchs (2003) iconmiscsetan

Black Hand (2003) iconmiscsetbh

Gehenna (2004) iconmiscsetgehenna

Tenth Anniversary (2004) iconmiscset10th

Kindred Most Wanted (2005) iconmiscsetkmw

Legacies of Blood (2005) iconmiscsetlob

Nights of Reckoning (2006) iconmiscsetnor

Third Edition (2006) iconmiscset3e

Player's Kit (2006)

Sword of Caine (2007) iconmiscsetsoc

Lords of the Night (2007) iconmiscsetlotn

Blood Shadowed Court (2008) iconmiscsetbsc

Twilight Rebellion (2008) iconmiscsettr

Keepers of Tradition (2008) iconmiscsetkot

Ebony Kingdom (2009) iconmiscsetek

Heirs to the Blood (2010) iconmiscsethttb

Danse Macabre (2013) iconmiscsetdm

The Unaligned (2014) iconmiscsettu

Storyline Rewards 2015

Anarchs Unbound (2016)

Anthology (2017) 

Lost Kindred (2018)

Keepers of Tradition Reprint Bundle 1 (2018)

Keepers of Tradition Reprint Bundle 2 (2018)

Heirs to the Blood Reprint Bundle 1 (2018)

Heirs to the Blood Reprint Bundle 2 (2018)

Anthology I (2019)

Den of Fiends (2019) 

Libertine Ball (2019) 

Pact with Nephandi (2019) 

Parliament of Shadows (2019) 

25th Anniversary (2019)

First Blood: Malkavian (2019)

First Blood: Nosferatu (2019)

First Blood: Toreador (2019)

First Blood: Tremere (2019)

First Blood: Ventrue (2019)

Fifth Edition (2020)

Vampire: The Eternal Struggle Unleashed (2021)

Fifth Edition: Banu Haqim (2021)

Fifth Edition: Brujah (2021)

Fifth Edition: Gangrel (2021)

Fifth Edition: The Ministry (2021)

New Blood: Malkavian (2022)

New Blood: Nosferatu (2022)

New Blood: Toreador (2022)

New Blood: Tremere (2022)

New Blood: Ventrue (2022)

Fall of London (2022)

New Blood: Banu Haqim (2023)

New Blood: Brujah (2023)

New Blood: Gangrel (2023)

New Blood: Ministry (2023)

Companion: Ravnos (2023)

Companion: Salubri (2023)

Companion: Tzimisce (2023)

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Banned Cards

Rarity indicators

The rarity of each card is indicated in the card lists above by a letter code sometimes followed by a number. For boosters (random packs), the letter code indicates whether the card is Common, Uncommon, Rare, or Vampire rarity (that is, it indicates on which sheet the card is printed). Some lists also include rarity indicators for the Preconstructed starter deck cards. If the rarity letter is followed by a number, that number represents the number of times the card appears on that sheet. So an R2 would be twice as common as an R1. If the letter is not followed by a number, that means the card appears only once on the sheet. For bundles (fixed content), the rarity number indicates the number of copies of the card in the bundle.

Note: An "uncut card sheet" is a 10x10 sheet of cards.

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