VTES Finland 2023 finalistsEsa-Matti, Otso, Peitsa, Tommi and Akseli.

Played on November 4 with 33 players. Photos by Marko Saari. (Most) words by Tero Aalto, Prince of Helsinki:

The Finnish National Championship was competed according to tradition in our old reliable library at the center of Espoo. The number of players was lower than the previous two years but still quite decent.

The main news of the event was the introduction of the BCN Crisis tournament management tool into the Finnish large tournament scene. Many players were already familiar with the system thanks to the European Championship, so the timing was quite optimal. Everything ran smoothly, and I hope the experiment left a positive impression.

Largest deck category: Toolbox 27%
Largest clan: Gangrel 18%
Most frequent main discipline: Dominate 18%

Top five playes before finals:
1. Otso Saariluoma 2 GW 7.0 VP
2. Esa-Matti Smolander 2 GW 6.0 VP
3. Akseli Jalava 2 GW 6.0 VP
4. Tommi Hakomaa 1 GW 5.5 VP
5. Peitsa Suominen 1 GW 5.0 VP

VTES Finland 2023 final table
Congratulations Akseli Jalava, new champion with 1,5 victory points in the final, the same as Peitsa Suominen but higher seed. Esa-Matti Smolander got 0,5 points.

The tournament winning deck:

6x Shalmath 10 POT PRE TEM True Brujah:6
1x Adisa 3 cel obf Banu Haqim:6
1x Andre LeRoux 3 aus Toreador:5
1x Alu 2 obf Banu Haqim:5
1x New Blood 2 san Blood Brother:ANY
2x Anarch Convert 1 Caitiff:ANY

3x Archon Investigation
1x Carver's Meat Packing and Storage
1x Direct Intervention
1x Fame
1x Giant's Blood
1x Perfectionist
1x Rack, The
1x Tabriz Assembly
1x Vessel
1x Wider View

1x Ambush
1x Big Game
2x Bum's Rush
1x Clotho's Gift
1x Harass
1x Path of the Scorched Heart, The
7x Summon History

1x Carlton Van Wyk
6x Emerald Legionnaire
1x Tye Cooper
1x Veneficti

1x Book of Going Forth by Night, The
1x Eye of Hazimel
1x Heart of Nizchetus
1x Signet of King Saul, The

9x Domain of Evernight
3x Enkil Cog
2x Tangle Atropos' Hand

2x Rewind Time

3x Decapitate
7x Disarm
8x Majesty
13x Outside the Hourglass
4x Taste of Vitae

All finalists decks and more statistics can be found at bcncrisis.com/tournament/227.

This also happened at this event: The player Pasi Karjalainen was the first to get the card Saku Pihlajamäki into the tourament winning deck archive (at a tournament on October 7th), so he was awarded a copy of the card signed both by the artist Noora Hirvonen and by the "model", former National Coordinator Janne Lönnqvist:

VTES Finland 2023 Saku

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Thanks to all players, organisers and the sponsor Ultra Pro!

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