The finalists, with champion second from the left.

Played with 20 players in El Club Juegos de Mesa, Mexico City on November 26. Reported by Omael Rangel, National Coordinator of Mexico:

A great event with some old methuselah freshly awakened from torpor, with older decks that shake the metagame. Amazing tables, very intense but at the same time people never stop joking and have fun between them. Incredible plays that define the results of every game and we are very happy for our new champion who right after his journey to the EC in Barcelona came back to claim the big win!

VTES Mexico 2023 round 1 VTES Mexico 2023 round 2
VTES Mexico 2023 mug VTES Mexico 2023 mug
VTES Mexico 2023 The Edge VTES Mexico 2023 playmat
VTES Mexico 2023 Alan Mayoral and judge Luis VTES Mexico 2023 round 3

Note the commemorative package which was used to fund the event: playmat, Edge counter and mug, and the presence of artist Alan Mayoral (in the image next to judge Luis).

Standings after the preliminary rounds:
1. Carlos Escobar 2 GW, 6 VP
2. Rodrigo Corona 1 GW, 6 VP
3. Boris Huerta 1 GW, 5 VP
4. Juan Chacón 1 GW, 5 VP
5. Eduardo García 1 GW, 5 VP

VTES Mexico 2023 final table
Congratulations Eduardo García, with 4 victory points in the final. Rodrigo Corona got 1 point.

VTES Mexico 2023 champion

VTES Mexico 2023

VTES Mexico 2023 final
Eduardos tournament winning deck: “Nocturnos new age”

Crypt (12)
2x Alicia Cortez       8 CEL DOM OBT      prince  Lasombra:4
2x Conrad Adoula       8 DOM OBT POT ani cel      Lasombra:4
2x Badr, Shadow of Granada  7 DOM OBT POT          Lasombra:5
1x Lord Vauxhall       7 DOM OBT POT THA        Lasombra:4
1x Onaedo          6 DOM OBT aus pot        Lasombra:4
1x Virginie, Prodigy     6 DOM POT obt      bishop  Lasombra:4
1x Andrew Emory       5 OBT aus dom pot    bishop  Lasombra:4
1x Ermenegildo, The Rake   5 DOM OBT pot          Lasombra:4
1x Lucy Markowitz      3 dom obt            Lasombra:4

Library (90)
Master (12; 2 trifle)
1x Anarch Troublemaker
2x Blood Doll
1x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Elysian Fields
1x Information Highway
2x Path of Night, The
1x Political Hunting Ground
1x Sudden Reversal
2x Vessel

Event (1)
1x Bitter and Sweet Story, The

Action (13)
1x Far Mastery
12x Govern the Unaligned

Ally (12)
12x Nocturn

Action Modifier (26)
4x Command of the Beast
4x Conditioning
4x Empowering the Puppet King
2x Foreshadowing Destruction
6x Shadow Play
4x Shroud of Absence
2x Tenebrous Form

Combat (8)
2x Entombment
4x Oubliette
2x Shadow Body

Reaction (18)
8x Deflection
1x Delaying Tactics
6x On the Qui Vive
1x Pulling Strings
2x Redirection

Thanks to players and organisers!