Official release: January 17, 2016

Legal for Tournament Play: February 16, 2016


Vampire: Elder Kindred Network's fourth expansion for Vampire: the Eternal Struggle is Anarchs Unbound, which focuses on  the rabble-rousing revolutionaries of the Anarch Movement - those Kindred who reject the Traditions of the Camarilla and stifling order of their elders. The expansion is released in PDF format.

The set contains 24 crypt cards and 18 library cards. The crypt cards span Groups 1 through 6.




Rulebook Clarifications:
  • [6.1.3 EquipTo equip with one or more equipment cards currently possessed by one of your other minions, tap the acting minion (the minion who is attempting to get the equipment cards) and announce the equipment cards he is getting. If the action is unsuccessful, the equipment cards remain where they are.
  • Strike: burn equipment: When declaring such strikes, choose which equipment on the opposing minion the strike will burn. [new term]
  • [6.1.2 Hunt Note that a ready vampire with no blood must hunt (and cannot take any action except a hunt action).
Banned cards:
The following cards are banned from Tournament Play starting February 16, 2016.
  • Anthelios, The Red Star
  • Temptation of Greater Power
  • Seeds of Corruption





Before printing out the PDF files, make sure that Page Scaling is set to "None".





Appolonius (Advanced) Brujah
Salvador Garcia Brujah
Ariane Brujah
Gengis (Advanced) Brujah
Marguerite Foccart (Advanced) Brujah
Jenna Cross Caitiff
Tori Longwood Caitiff
Maldavis (Advanced) Caitiff
Zack North (Advanced) Gangrel
Crow Gangrel
Danielle Diron (Advanced) Gangrel
Vulture Gangrel
Dancin' Dana (Advanced) Malkavian
Philip van Vermeer IV Malkavian
Sundown (Advanced) Nosferatu
The Medic Nosferatu
Victor Gerard Toreador
Desiree Narayan, Anarch Historian Ravnos
Irena Ravnos
Javier Montoya (Advanced) Tremere
Monica Chang Tremere
Daliah Tzimisce
Boss Callihan (Advanced) Ventrue
Louis Fortier (Advanced) Ventrue



Adhocracy Action Modifier
Bollix Combat
Carfax Abbey Master
Donnybrook Combat
Dust Up Combat
Eat the Rich Political Action
Field Training Action
Guardian Vigil Reaction
Hackerspace Master
Illegalism Action
Legacy Action
Make the Misere Action
Memory Rift Action Modifier
Netwar Reaction
Ni Dieu ni Maître Action Modifier
Propaganda of the Deed Action Modifier
Protection Racket Reaction
The Red Question Action Modifier