anarchicon Release Date: May 19, 2003. anarchicon


Freedom from the elders!
Join the revolution!

The elders of the Camarilla and the Sabbat lord over the younger vampires of their sects, abusing the power granted them by their station. While the elders indulge in their power and turn a blind eye to the signs of the coming Gehenna, the Gangrel and the anarchs strive to create a better kindred society and to avert the rise of the ancient vampires who would bathe the world in blood and fire.


Anarchs is the fifth set released by White Wolf for Vampire: The Eternal Struggle. The booster packs contain 11 cards (7 common, 3 uncommon, and 1 rare) randomly selected from a set of 132 cards (including 122 new cards). In addition, the set features 3 non-random preconstructed decks, Gangrel, Anarch Barons, and Anarch Gangs, which contain even more cards and are designed to get beginning players started right away. Each preconstructed deck contains 2 new vampires that aren't found in the boosters.










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FAQ (Clarifications and Rulings)

bar_promo Xaviar is available in Scrye #58, and he'll appear in the Anarchs expansion (the promo version doesn't have the faded attribute bar that the retail version has). The official release date for the card is Mar 7, 2003. That means he became legal for tournament play on April 6, 2003.




Reprints are listed in italics
All crypt cards are U2 except as noted.

The full card list (with full text) is also available. Get the text file (71 KB).







Jeremy MacNeil (U1)   Brujah   Adv
Juggler   Brujah    
Hanna Redmonds   Caitiff    
Lisa Noble   Caitiff    
Maldavis   Caitiff    
Nedal, The Careless   Caitiff    
Sandra White   Caitiff    
Bothwell   Gangrel    
Brunhilde   Gangrel    
Danielle Diron   Gangrel    
Dr. Allan Woodstock (U1)   Gangrel    
Gustavo Morales   Gangrel    
Horrock   Gangrel    
Karsh   Gangrel    
Nadima   Gangrel    
Ramona   Gangrel   Adv
Sarah Raines   Gangrel    
Sophia Watson   Gangrel    
Torvus Bloodbeard   Gangrel    
Xaviar (U1)   Gangrel    
Zayyat, The Sandstorm   Gangrel    
Jeremy Talbot   Malkavian    
Quentin King III   Malkavian   Adv
Clarissa Steinburgen   Nosferatu    
Tusk, The Talebearer   Nosferatu   Adv
Christopher Houghton   Toreador    
Michael Luther (U1)   Toreador    
Ardan Lane   Tremere    
Lazarus   Tremere   Adv
Martin Franckel   Tremere    
Boss Callihan   Ventrue    
Marcus Vitel   Lasombra    
(Formerly Ventrue)   Adv    
Ali Kar   Assamite    
Tegyrius, Vizier   Assamite   Adv
Kahina the Sorceress   Followers of Set    
Lia Milliner   Giovanni    
Etienne Fauberge   Ravnos    
Lucita   Lasombra   Adv
Elizabeth Westcott   Tzimisce    
Velya, The Flayer   Tzimisce    
Alfred Benezri   Pander   Adv
Feo Ramos   Pander    
Jeremiah Noble   Brujah antitribu    
Harry Reese   Gangrel antitribu    
Scarlet Carson O'Toole   Gangrel antitribu    
General Perfido Díos   Malkavian antitribu    
Smallpox Griet   Nosferatu antitribu    
Cristos Mantigo   Toreador antitribu    
Elena Mendoza Vasquez   Tremere antitribu    
Saiz   Tremere antitribu    
Joseph O'Grady   Ventrue antitribu    





The Anarch Free Press   C
Anarch Railroad   R2
Anarch Salon   C2
Aranthebes, The Immortal   R
Banshee Ironwail   R
Bear-Baiting   R
Bleeding the Vine   R
Blow Torch   C
Body Bag   C
Bone Spur   C
Border Skirmish   C2
Brinksmanship   R
Car Bomb   C
Carnivale   R
Chiram's Hold   R2
Claws of the Dead   C
Cold Amber's Hold   R2
Cooler   C
Cry Wolf   R2
Delivery Truck   R
Diversion   C2
Drum of Xipe Totec   R
Dummy Corporation   C
Earth Control   C
Earth Meld   C
Ecoterrorists   R
Elder Michaelis's Hold   R2
Emissary   C
Fee Stake: Boston   R
Fee Stake: Corte   R
Fee Stake: Los Angeles   R
Fee Stake: New York   R
Fee Stake: Perth   R
Fee Stake: Seattle   R
Fiendish Tongue   C2
Filchware's Pawn Shop   R
Firebrand   C
Flesh of Marble   C
Form of Mist   C
Form of the Ghost   C
Galaric's Legacy   C
Gambit Accepted   R
Gather   R
Ghouled   C
Gift of Experience   R2
Go Anarch   C2
Highway Haven: RV   C
Hospital Food   C
Improvised Tactics   C2
Into the Fire   C
Irregular Protocol   C
Liberty Club Intrigue   R
Life in the City   C2
Magazine   R
Mob Rule   C
The Mole   C2
Molotov Cocktail   C
Movement of the Slow Body   U2
Nosferatu Bestial   R
Out of the Frying Pan   C
Paragon   R
Petra Resonance   R
Rant!   C
Redline   R
Regarhagan's Hold   R2
Reins of Power   C
Renegade Garou   R2
Repo Man   R
Seattle Committee   R2
Skullduggery   C2
Smash and Grab   C2
Snipe Hunt   C
Sowing Dissension   C
The Status Perfectus   R2
Stolen Police Cruiser   R
Sunset Strip, Hollywood   R
Sweeper   R
Sword of Nuln   R
Sword of Troile   R
Unlicensed Taxicab   C
Year of Fortune   C