Release date: December 13, 2004. Tournament legal on January 12, 2005.10tha110tha2

The Tenth Anniversary set is a special release commemorating the first decade of the game. It consists of 180 reprints from the Wizards of the Coast sets that White Wolf hadn't yet reprinted as well as 10 new cards made just for this release. The cards are sold in two fixed-content collectible tins (each tin is designed to hold a complete VTES deck, 90 card library and 12 card crypt, in sleeves). Each tin contains all ten of the new cards and a fixed selection of 90 of the reprinted cards.

A few of the reprints have changed slightly. Notable among the changes are Anneke, whose special ability now more closely parallels Eagle's Sight, Camille Devereux, The Raven who had previously been two distinct vampires, and the four independent clan acceptance votes, Giovanni Acceptance, Invitation Accepted, Ravnos Acceptance, and Revocation of Tyre, which now work continuously.


New Cards (A/B)

Bowl of Convergence

Caiaphas Smith

Carlton Van Wyk (Hunter)

Channel 10

Insurance Scam


Orb of Ulain

Polaris Coach

Powerbase: Los Angeles



Library Reprints

Anachronism (B)

Betrayer (A)

Blood Bond (B)

Brujah Debate (A)

Business Pressure (B)

Consecration Rites (A)

Covenant of Blood (B)

Curse of Nitocris (A)

Deal with the Devil (B)

Dirty Little Secrets (B)

Fire Dance (A)

Gangrel Justicar (B)

Ghoul Escort (A)

Giovanni Acceptance (B)

Hell Hound (A)

Homunculus (A)

Incriminating Videotape (A)

Invitation Accepted (B)

Khabar: Community, The (A)

Legacy of Power (B)

Might of the Camarilla (A)

Nephandus (Mage) (A)

Peace of Khetamon, The (B)

Rapid Thought (B)

Ravnos Acceptance (A)

Revelation of the Sire (B)

Revocation of Tyre (A)

Ritual Challenge (B)

Sacrifice (B)

Shadow Step (A)

Shepherd's Innocence (B)

Signet of King Saul, The (B)

Silence of Death (A)

Sins of the Cauchemar (A)

Spiritual Intervention (B)

Spiritual Protector (B)

Submachine Gun (A)

Tainted Vitae (B)

Talaq, The Immortal (B)

Treatment, The (A)

Vampiric Disease (A)

Vanish from the Mind's Eye (A)

Veiled Sight (A)

Writ of Acceptance (B)


Crypt Reprints

Adrianne (B)

Agrippina (A)

Aleph (A)

Anastasia Grey (B)

Andreas, The Bard of Crete (B)

Andrei Puxon (B)

Angel (A)

Angus the Unruled (B)

Anneke (B)

Anson (A)

Antoinette DuChamp (A)

Anvil (A)

Appolonius (B)

Astrid Thomas (A)

Badger (B)

Basilia (B)

Bear Paw (B)

Bianca (B)

Black Cat (A)

Brazil (A)

Camille Devereux, The Raven (A)

Cardano (B)

Cassandra, Magus Prime (B)

Chester DuBois (A)

Christine Boscacci (B)

Colin Flynn (B)

Courtland Leighton (A)

Cristofero Giovanni (B)

Crusher (B)

Dancin' Dana (B)

Delilah Easton (B)

Demetrius Slater (B)

Democritus (A)

Didi Meyers (A)

Dieter Kleist (A)

Dimple (B)

Dollface (B)

Don Cruez, The Idealist (A)

Dorian Strack (A)

Dr. Jest (B)

Dr. John Casey (A)

Dre, Leader of the Cold Dawn (A)

Duck (B)

Ebanezer Roush (A)

Eliott Sinclair, Virtuoso Thespian (B)

Emerson Bridges (B)

Ethan Locke (A)

Felicia Mostrom (A)

Franciscus (B)

Genevieve (A)

Gideon Fontaine (B)

Gilbert Duane (A)

Gillian Krader (A)

Gitane St. Claire (A)

Giuliano Vincenzi (A)

Grendel the Worm-Eaten (B)

Gunther, Beast Lord (B)

Hasina Kesi (A)

Heather Florent, The Opportunist (B)

Hector Sosa (B)

Helena Casimir (A)

Ignatius (A)

Igo the Hungry (B)

Jazz Wentworth (A)

Jimmy Dunn (B)

Jing Wei (B)

Julius (B)

Justine, Elder of Dallas (B)

Kallista, Master Sculptor (A)

KoKo (A)

Lazarus (A)

Lena Rowe (A)

Leon (A)

Luccia Paciola (A)

Lucian (A)

Lucretia, Cess Queen (A)

Lupo (B)

Lydia Van Cuelen (B)

Magdelena Schaefer (A)

Mariel, Lady Thunder (B)

Marty Lechtansi (B)

Masika (A)

Melissa Barton (B)

Merrill Molitor (A)

Miranda Sanova (B)

Monique (B)

Natasha Volfchek (B)

Navar McClaren (B)

Nik (A)

Normal (B)

Ozmo (B)

Patrizia Giovanni, Collector of Secrets (A)

Petru Sipos (A)

Pieter (A)

Quinton McDonnell (A)

Quira, The Bitch Queen (B)

Rafaele Giovanni (B)

Rake (A)

Ramiel DuPre (A)

Rex, The Necronomist (B)

Richard Tauber, Ayelea's Puppet (B)

Ricki Van Demsi (B)

Roland Bishop (A)

Roland Loussarian (B)

Roman Alexander (A)

Roreca Quaid (A)

Roxanne, Rectrix of the 13th Floor (A)

Royce (A)

Rufina Soledad (A)

Sabine Lafitte (B)

Sammy (B)

Samson (A)

Sarah Cobbler (B)

Sebastian Marley (B)

Selma the Repugnant (A)

Shane Grimald (B)

Sheldon, Lord of the Clog (A)

Sir Walter Nash (B)

Smudge the Ignored (A)

Sylvester Simms (B)

Tatiana Romanov (B)

Tereza Rostas (B)

Thomas Thorne (A)

Tiberius, The Scandalmonger (B)

Timothy Crowley (A)

Tura Vaughn (A)

Tusk, The Talebearer (A)

Ulugh Beg, The Watcher (A)

Uma Hatch (B)

Uriah Winter (B)

Violette Prentiss (B)

Vliam Andor (A)

Wynn (A)

Yuri, The Talon (A)

Zack North (A)

Zebulon (B)